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Bridgerton’s Simone Ashley Talks Representation, Fashion And Memorable BTS Moments

‘It’s really important to me that younger women who look like me feel seen’

Simone Ashley is just 27 years old, but she already has two hit Netflix series under her belt – Bridgerton and Sex Education, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years – and is fast becoming a fashion world darling, too.

Now, the actor is making the most of her platform by partnering with Johnnie Walker for its new ‘Bold Steps’ campaign, starring in a short film that celebrates her barrier-breaking representation and working alongside Diet Paratha to empower the next generation of British South Asian talent in creative industries.

Here, Simone Ashley talks exclusively to ELLE about the importance of representation, cutting out the noise and her most memorable moment from behind-the-scenes of Bridgerton…

On representation
‘I want to use my voice to speak authentically about what representation means in this industry, as well as in my own career. I’m 27, and Bridgerton was only my second big role after Sex Education so I’m still on this journey of figuring it all out. But it’s really important to me that younger women who look like me, who are Indian, who are dark skinned like myself, feel seen – and like there is someone speaking up for them and that community in particular. I want to use my voice for setting a positive example that women like me are capable of fulfilling roles and positions within this industry and we do have a voice that needs to be heard. And to also have fun with it, celebrating my heritage and enjoying my career at the same time.’

On surviving the industry
‘The most powerful thing you can do in this industry is to cut out the noise, stay true to yourself and just keep your head down stay focused on your own craft and what genuinely brings you joy and inspiration – and I respect any artist who can do that. Finding a community within the industry is also really important, and that’s something that I have found with other actresses in the black and brown community who I relate to. I think that’s what the entertainment industry should be seen as: a community where we can all help and support each other, because there’s enough for everyone at the table.’

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On fame

‘We live in an age where there is so much noise. The minute you look at your phone, especially on social media, there are a million opinions from different people being thrown at you – and it’s only human to let that in. But it’s a very powerful thing to be able to shut that out and listen to that feeling of what it is you actually want, and trust that and follow it. Because that’s what makes you special, and that’s what makes your journey your own. As I said before, having a community within the workspace also really helps in this industry, and helps me keep focused on what’s important. There’s so much about my job I enjoy and lots of fun things that come along with it, but ultimately I want to tell stories and I like to keep focused on my craft. That’s what keeps me grounded and happy.’

On fashion
‘I have really enjoyed the fashion aspect of my job – there have been so many great moments! One of my favourite brands is 16Arlington, the designer Marco [Capaldo] is a great friend of mine and I just love his clothes and everything he’s doing with the house. He designed a look for me for the 2022 Fashion Awards which was a beautiful blue, embellished hooded gown, and the whole process was just so much fun. I loved my 2021 Fashion Awards look too: I wore a custom gown by AZ Factory with a strap across the torso and a really high split, which was amazing. I love the colour of my skin so I really love wearing clothes that mean I can get it out. ‘I’ll also never forget my first Met Gala – it could have easily been a really overwhelming experience but I was wearing Moschino, and Jeremy Scott and his whole team made it a really calm but fun process which is quite abnormal for that kind of event. Having worked with such amazing designers and brands, I have learnt that the most important thing is to just wear what makes you happy – because the minute you do, the way you move in it and the way you hold yourself is completely different. And that’s confidence: it comes out of loving yourself and enjoying how you feel when you wear something. My advice is always: wear what you want, not what you think you should wear.’

On filming Bridgerton
‘I will always remember riding horses in Windsor Park with Johnny [Jonathan Bailey, who plays Anthony Bridgerton] for the horse scenes in season two. I think we filmed in the summer, and it was just one of the most surreal experiences of my life. We didn’t really have time for any silly blooper moments or crazy stories while filming, but that idyllic moment riding horses through Windsor Park was a really memorable moment in my career.’

On dream roles
‘I’m definitely being biased because he’s my friend and I think he’s amazing, but I’d love to be Eric in Sex Education, who is played by Ncuti Gatwa. He’s just an icon and absolutely brilliant, everything he’s doing and everything that’s coming up. I think Eric is one of the most iconic characters on Netflix, and of course, I love Sex Education.’