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Britain’s Simone Ashley stars in award-winning film ‘Kill Ben Lyk’
Written by Sara Fowler
Written by Sara Fowler

Simone Ashley was only sixteen years old when she began pursuing her career in modelling. The British native always had a passion for acting, but after feeling like an awkward child, she thought being a model would allow her to be the “cool kid.” However, she soon realized that her happiness and self-worth could be found by following her dream.

“I have been influenced by so many artists I have either worked with or watched, and it’s been motivating to see myself grow from being a girl who was knocking on doors and feeling pressurized to a working actress who is the best version of herself,” she said.

Now, Ashley is at the top of her game and an in-demand actress in Britain and abroad. She has worked on blockbuster movies like the current hit Pokémon Detective Pikachu to the Netflix original series Sex Education, captivating worldwide audiences with her tremendous talent.

Last year, Ashley also showed off her comedic chops in the critically-acclaimed film Kill Ben Lyk. In the movie, three people have been murdered in London within 24 hours, all by the name of Ben Lyk. Scotland Yard decides to gather together all the other Ben Lyks located in London until they can figure out who’s after them and why. Ashley was immediately drawn to the story, with its quirky and cheeky concept.

“I loved the originality of this project and how the comedy got to places where it’s slightly awkward and slightly controversial. The comedy is very French — over the top and cartoony. I grew up watching a lot of Looney Tunes and couldn’t help but find tonal similarities to this project. It is filled with knockabout slapstick violence and larger than life characters playing it straight,” said Ashley.

In the film, Ashley played the leading female role, called “The Girl”, and is the romantic lead opposite Eugene Simon. Audiences see them both meet as cat and mouse and then journey into a rusty yet epic adventure as Bonnie and Clyde. She is incredibly intelligent and intuitive. She has a very flirty, provocative and sexy side to her that Ashley enjoyed bringing to life. Though viewers catch glimpses of her teasing Ben, we also get to be tricked into moments of her being loving and caring.

“To be honest, to this day I still question this role! I never really finished my exploration of her, she is incredibly unpredictable, spontaneous, but she’s also reserved, smart and has a very strange sense of humor,” said Ashley. “I liked playing her imperfections, independent and fiercely brave and strong. I really enjoy portraying female characters that wear their power in their vulnerability.”

Ashley travelled to France to film Kill Ben Lyk, which she found to be the perfect backdrop for the story. They had quite a few rehearsals together as a cast before they all travelled to France to film, which helped break the ice and allow the cast to get to know each other. Every single day the majority of the cast would be on set as the scenes were all very communal and there was no privacy, each character knew each character’s business.

“It was definitely a pleasure to be filming in the countryside of France during the Winter, it was such a perfect atmosphere for the setting of the story and when we were filming. Due to the cast being so random and diverse, I got to meet and work with a great team of people that I probably won’t ever see in the same room together for a while. I got to tap into my comedic pallet for a long period and learned a lot more about my own humor,” she said.

Although the film has yet to make its way to theatres around the world, it has had a remarkable run at prestigious international film festivals. It has won over 11 awards in the last couple of years, with another 17 nominations, impressing the masses with its originality and witty humor.

‘It’s been so satisfying seeing the reaction of the film. A lot of hard work and effort was put into making the project as creative and fun as possible, making it inclusive and engaging, but also visually and technically eye-catching. The first screening I attended received a great response from the audience, which was a great experience to be a part of,” said Ashley.

Be sure to check out Kill Ben Lyk to see Ashley’s outstanding performance.