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Kill Ben Lyk Review by Clare Brunton
Written by Clare Brunton
Written by Clare Brunton

Kill Ben Lyk is a British-French independent film, co-written and directed by Erwan Marinopoulos and starring Eugene Simon, Simone Ashley and Scroobius Pip.

Ben Lyk is your average 20 something vlogger, trying to make his 15 minutes of fame happen. Unfortunately, fame comes in another way for him, as a Crime Lord decides to kill every Ben Lyk in existence. Ben, and a group of other Ben’s (including Old Ben, Hipster Ben, Girl Ben) are bought to a safe house for protection, but what if they’re being hunted from the inside?

Kill Ben Lyk is a fun romp that doesn’t skimp on the gore and doesn’t take the easy route. Based mostly in an idyllic country estate, the film really comes into its own as the many Bens are gathered together, and it becomes a murder mystery of who is out to get who.

The cast is eclectic and mostly unknown or new coming actors, but they are all equally strong in their parts, with Girl Ben (played by Simone Ashley) particularly shining.

Marinopoulos’ direction is well timed, and his visual eye is strong. The locations are grand, but much like last years Ready or Not, they seem cold, eerie and likely to erupt with potential violence at any point. When heads inevitably start to roll, it becomes a fun guessing game of ‘who next’, like Cluedo in reverse.

Kill Ben Lyk is one of those odd films, it wouldn’t ever make a top ten list or be one you’d rush out to buy, but a film to pop on with your mates over a takeaway and a few drinks? It’s the perfect pick.

It’s hard to give too much else away without spoiling the fun, but be sure to check out our Q&A from the director and cast if you want to find out more. I hope it will be out on VoD soon, so everyone else can enjoy the shocks, the laughs, and most importantly, the llamas.