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Kate Sharma

Kate Bridgerton née Sharma is the Viscountess Bridgerton by virtue of her marriage to Anthony. She is the older half-sister of Edwina Sharma. When both her own parents had died, Lady Mary took her in as her own daughter and raised her. She had lived her whole life in India before coming to England to marry off her sister. Newly arrived in London, Kate is a smart, headstrong young woman who suffers no fools — Anthony Bridgerton very much included. Kate is equal parts headstrong and whip-smart. Her sharp wit and independent nature make her a singular force on the 1814 marriage mart, where she hopes to secure a love match for her younger sister, Edwina.

Kate’s background

Kate and Lady Mary raised Edwina together to become an exquisite lady. When they started to run low on funds, they used the last of their money on their trip to England. In England, Lady Danbury sponsored them so Edwina could find a suitable husband. Kate went riding in the woods, crossing paths with a gentleman and exchanging witty banter with him until she left and returned to Lady Danbury’s. Lady Danbury asked about Kate’s prospects, but Kate told her she had no plans of her own to wed and was focused on marrying Edwina off. She later helped Edwina gather confidence for the ball that night, despite the controversy of her parents’ marriage, and remind her of her goals and what she wanted in a husband.

Lady Danbury and the Sharmas arrived at the ball, where they met with the queen, who remarked coldly to Lady Mary about her elopement years before. Kate recognized the gentleman she met horse riding, and Lady Danbury revealed who Anthony Bridgerton was. Kate stepped out and overheard Anthony talking with some other noble sons, and heard him say he was planning to marry a lady of noble stock and beauty for convenience, not for love. She tried to get away, but was caught by Anthony, whom she berated for looking for a wife solely for her breeding and looks. She told him that his character was lacking and bid him goodnight.

In the following days, Kate chaperoned Edwina as she received callers, who saw her as an obstacle. Lady Danbury later confronted Kate about a letter, and Kate explained in order to get a dowry from the Sheffields, Mary’s parents, Edwina had to marry an English nobleman. Kate explained that she and her mother had always struggled and hidden it from Edwina, and the dowry and marriage would ensure she lived happily, but Kate believed that if Edwina knew about the terms of her inheritance, she would marry any nobleman who asked whether she loved him or not. Kate wanted Edwina to marry for love.

The Sharmas attended the queen’s ball with Lady Danbury and reappeared before the queen. Kate smiled in joy when Edwina was named the season’s diamond, knowing that it made her chances of finding a love match with a nobleman all the better. Kate thanked Lady Danbury for persuading the queen. However, when she saw Anthony pursuing Edwina, she took Edwina away, telling Edwina not to go near him.[1]

Wanting to keep Edwina away from Anthony, Kate compiled a list of potential candidates for Edwina to marry. She shared the list with Edwina, Mary, and Lady Danbury. Mary and Lady Danbury questioned the list, but Edwina said she believed in it if Kate did. Lady Danbury noticed Anthony wasn’t on the list and Kate said that was because he wanted to marry only to fulfill his duty. Lady Danbury reminded her that most marriages were business arrangements and love matches were rare. Despite this, Kate told Edwina that she knew she was she was looking for and shouldn’t forget that. She’d find a better match and forget all about Anthony.

Edwina then welcomed many suitors. While she spoke to Lord Lumley, Kate left the room and talked to the waiting suitors, who were upset at the long wait. She assured them all that they wouldn’t want their time interrupted any more than Lumley. When she saw that Anthony was there, she told him he was late and was now at the end of a very long line. He said he was fine to wait, but he wanted to take Edwina to the Royal Races. Kate said Edwina already had an escort and suggested she might be free around December if she wasn’t married by then.

Kate went to the Royal Races, where Lumley escorted Edwina. Thomas Dorset approached them and asked Lady Danbury to make introductions. She did, but said Edwina already had an escort. He told her he was more interested in Kate. They found their seats and began talking. Anthony approached and Dorset introduced himself. Anthony then used a ruse to get Lumley out of the way so he could take Lumley’s place between Edwina and Kate. As they waited for the race to start, Anthony told Kate that his pick to win was Nectar. Kate said he hadn’t accounted for many things and High Flyer was her prediction to win. When the race started, Kate was enthusiastic and unrestrained as she cheered them on. When High Flyer won as she’d predicted, she gloated, saying she’d never bested a viscount before. When Anthony took Edwina to see one of the horses up close, Dorset said that Anthony never did like to lose, tipping Kate off that they had lied about not knowing each other. Kate realized he was meant to distract Kate so Anthony could get closer to Edwina. Kate went to get Edwina, telling her they were leaving and telling Anthony never to speak to Edwina or herself again. Anthony said that he meant no harm and only wanted to spend time with her.

At a visit with the queen, Edwina defended Anthony’s actions, saying Kate had given him no other choice. When they returned home, they told their mother that the queen was quite taken with Edwina. Lady Danbury decided to throw a party so Edwina could get to know all of her suitors better. Kate then heard a noise outside and looked down to see Anthony with a horse. He said he’d gotten it for Edwina. Kate tried to get him to leave, but Edwina found them before he did. She thanked him for the gesture, but said she preferred smaller pets and the horse she’d mentioned adoring was from a novel.

At the soiree, they watched as several suitors showed off their talents in an attempt to woo Edwina. Kate was pleased to see the men making fools of themselves for once. At the party, she met Eloise, whom she liked. After Lord Lumley recited poetry, Lady Danbury thanked the men for sharing their talents, but as she prepared to wrap things up, Anthony came in, asking for a turn. He started to recite a poem he claimed he’d written, but then admitted that it wasn’t his and told Edwina that he couldn’t display passion or love, but he would never lack in duty or action. After he’d left, Kate said that his words meant he couldn’t give Edwina the love she deserved, but Edwina thought his honesty made him a gentleman.

Lady Danbury came to Kate’s room and told her she should return to the party. Kate was upset that Anthony was manipulating her sister, but Lady Danbury advised her to focus on her own needs. Kate said she would become a governess and be content in her life alone, like Lady Danbury. Lady Danbury corrected that she was a widow and had lived a full life. Kate wasn’t like her. (source)

Kate & Anthony