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Capital R Rake

Director: Tricia Brock
Writers: Chris Van Dusen
Runtime: 1h 11m
Filming locations: Uxbridge, London, England, UK
Release date: March 25, 2022
Previous episode: After the Rain
Next episode: Off to the Races

Anthony begins his search for a wife, Eloise braves her society debut, and Lady Danbury helps the queen choose a diamond among the season’s debutantes.

Episode Trivia
  • Title Drop: Lady Whistledown says it about Anthony Bridgerton in her report.
  • Just like season one’s first episode title reflected the main character Daphne, the title refers to Anthony, this season’s main character.
  • This episode features 146 different costumes.
  • Simone really loved the horse-riding scenes!
  • While this is the first episode Simone appears in, it does not feature the first scenes she filmed for the show.
Episode Quotes

Kate Sharma: It is not a man’s appearance or title that will woo you. It is his mind and spirit that will court yours. He will speak in a manner that only your heart can hear. That is what you are looking for. That is the true love you deserve.

Kate Sharma: “When you manage to find this paragon of virtue, whatever makes you think she will accept your suit? Are the young ladies of London truly so easily won by a pleasing smile and absolutely nothing more?”
Anthony Bridgerton: “So, you find my smile pleasing.”
Kate Sharma: “I find your opinion of yourself entirely too high. Your character is as deficient as your horsemanship. I shall bid you good night.”

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Episode Style

Episode Soundtrack

Stay Away
Antony interviews prospective fiancées.

Sharpening My Knives (From the Netflix Series “Bridgerton Season Two”)

Sonata Facile, C-Dur, KV 545, 3. Satz, Rondo. Allegretto
Gregory and Eloise practice dancing.

Material Girl
The Sharmas enter the ball.

Piano Sonata, K. 283 in G Major: I. Allegro

String Quartet in E-Flat Major, K.Anh.IV, No. 213 “Milanese Quartet No.4”: III. Allegro brillante
At Lady Danbury’s ball, Portia talks to the Finch’s.

String Quartet in B flat major K458 “Hunt”: Menuetto, moderato

Accidental Eavesdropping (From the Netflix Series “Bridgerton Season Two”)
Kate watches Anthony dance, then overhears his conversation on the terrace.

At the Queen’s Ball.

String Quartet No. 30 in E-Flat Major, Op. 33 No. 2, Hob. III, 38, “The Joke”: I. Allegro moderato cantabile

The Real Work Begins (From the Netflix Series “Bridgerton Season Two”)
Anthony dances with Edwina

A Gift For Edwina (From the Netflix Series “Bridgerton Season Two”)

Episode Summary

Courtesy of Bridgerton Wiki | Daphne arrives at the Bridgerton estate.

Inside the house, Violet, Benedict, Anthony, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth are all huddled outside a door waiting. Daphne approaches just as Violet tells them to let Eloise come out on her own. Anthony says she’s requested time, but Daphne says they don’t have time. Anthony stops her from entering the room. They hear something. Just as Anthony goes to open the door, someone inside opens it and several maids file out, Eloise appears in front of them, dressed for her debut, warning them all not to say anything.

Queen Charlotte tells Lady Danbury she wants someone unexpected to turn the season on its head. They can’t be apathetic. Lady Danbury reminds her that a lady can’t be a diamond until the queen anoints her as such. The queen wonders if Lady Whistledown will return. She’s been silent since the end of last season. She wonders if she realized taking on her queen was a bad idea and won’t publish again. Or she went to the country for the off-season and will be back. If that’s the case, that means she’s one of them.

As Penelope waits anxiously by the window, Prudence wonders if they could appeal to the queen and be presented again. Philippa doesn’t feel the need when she’s betrothed to Mr. Finch. Prudence says he could change his mind and Mrs. Varley adds that that’s especially likely given that there’s still no dowry. Lady Featherington says the new Lord Featherington will see to that when he finally shows himself.

Daphne gives Eloise tips for her presentation as Eloise shifts uncomfortably in her seat. Francesca fans her to cool her off. As Eloise continues to coach her, Eloise grabs the fan from Francesca and frantically fans herself.

Anthony doesn’t think his task for the season is that difficult. Simon did it after all, so it can’t be that hard. He has a list of attributes he’s looking for in a wife and lists them off.

Cordelia Patridge is introduced to the queen, followed by Lady Abigail Evans, Mary Ann Hallewell, and Margaret Goring.

Eloise tries again to persuade Violet not to have her debut. Violet says Eloise will always be a diamond to her, no matter what. Eloise wishes Penelope were there with her.

Penelope continues to watch out the window until Portia warns her to step back.

Violet and Eloise are introduced to the queen. Eloise hesitantly takes a step into the room.

Penelope sees a delivery boy arrive with the newsletters.

The queen grimaces as Eloise struggles to walk forward. Daphne reminds her from the sidelines to smile. Before Eloise can make her way to the queen, someone brings in the new Lady Whistledown on a tray and presents it to the queen. She grabs it, declares that she’s seen enough, and rushes away. Eloise is delighted to be free and runs out of the room. Issues of Lady Whistledown are distributed to everyone in the room. Daphne is glad she’s done with courtship and wishes Anthony luck.

A delivery boy delivers the pamphlets and people begin reading. Cressida questions if Lady Whistledown is that good a writer.

Penelope walks around in the background as Portia says Lady Whistledown must have help. Penelope looks at the window, where she receives a signal. Penelope rides in a carriage and pulls out her disguise. At the printer, Penelope puts on an Irish accent at the print shop, pretending to be a servant working for Lady Whistledown. She renegotiates the deal with Mister Harris, saying what her mistress wants, she gets and she could easily take her business elsewhere. She also insists that he pay the delivery boys more. At home, Penelope hides her money under the floorboards. Penelope tells Portia she’s going to the market with her pin money, but Portia waves her off. She, Prudence, and Philippa are engrossed in the latest Lady Whistledown.

Lady Whistledown challenges the queen to name the season’s diamond.

Gregory and Eloise dance as Francesca plays the piano. Hyacinth doesn’t think Eloise is a very good dancer, a remark that Eloise hears. Eloise steps on Gregory’s foot and asks if she can be done. Violet says she needs to practice in order to catch the queen’s eye. Anthony comes in and announces that Colin has added Albania to his travels. Eloise says it’s nice for him that he can just decide to do that, since he’s a man. Violet invites Anthony to join them for tea, but he can’t. He says he needs to fill their coffers at the modiste and oversee the hiring of extra staff. And he’ll need his mother’s ring when she has the chance. He tries to go on, but Violet questions why he needs the ring right away. No one has yet caught his eye, but he wants to be prepared. He’s already made a list and arranged interviews with the eligible misses. Violet says she’ll be happy to give him the ring once he finds someone. It’s in safe keeping at Aubrey Hall. Violet quietly asks Benedict to make sure Anthony is well. Anthony overhears and assures them that everything is fine.

Anthony gets to work on the family affairs and is then on his way to meet many of the ladies. Anthony walks with Cordelia Patridge and asks if she’s looking forward to having children. She says she is and is close with her siblings. He asks how many she wants and she struggles to give a good answer.

Anthony eats with Abigail Evans, who wants three children. He asks how she’d deal with a child who had a spending problem. Anthony scratches names off his list.

Anthony tells his servant that Eloise needs a new lady’s maid now that she’s out, one even more strong-willed than the last. The servant presents papers that need Anthony’s signature.

Margaret Goring tells Anthony what a beautiful instrument the harp is. He asks if she reads and her reaction indicates that she doesn’t.

Anthony climbs out of bed, leaving a female prostitute behind. He puts money on the table on his way out. Mary Ann Hallewell tells Anthony she’s fluent in French, Italian, and Latin. He asks if she speaks Greek. Miss Clifton steps on Anthony’s feet as they dance. She apologizes, saying she prefers a quadrille. Miss Eaton tells Anthony she rides, paints, sings, and dances. She can divide and multiply and makes her own hats. As he crosses more names off the list, Anthony struggles to get his work done. He visits several more sex workers.

Anthony is out for an early morning ride alone when he sees a woman, Kate Sharma, riding astride in the distance. He calls out to her, asking if she’s in trouble. When she doesn’t answer, he follows her. After she jumps over a fallen log, she looks back and they acknowledge each other.

Anthony approaches her on his horse and asks if she’s enjoying her victory lap. She says she didn’t mean to cause concern. She assures him she’s not lost. She’s on her way back to Mayfair, which is just ahead. She tells him she’s perfectly safe, so they can pretend they never saw each other. They banter about their “race.” He says he knows she is lost, because Mayfair is not ahead of them. It’s behind them. She turns her horse and rides away, leaving him smiling in the distance.

Edwina Sharma looks up at a portrait on the wall. Her mother, Mary, asks what she means by saying Kate wasn’t in her room. Edwina went to find her, but she wasn’t there. Lady Danbury comes in and they greet each other warmly. Lady Danbury is happy to see Mary after so many years. Mary introduces Lady Danbury to Edwina and Lady Danbury questions the absence of her other child. Just then, Kate comes in and is introduced as well. She asks if Newton is still upstairs.

Lady Danbury grimaces at Kate’s dog, Newton, as Edwina asks about Lady Danbury hosting the first ball of the season. Lady Danbury confirms that that’s true. Mary says they’re eager for the upcoming season. Lady Danbury would have ensured their presentation for the queen, but she wanted to examine their deportment herself first. Mary asks if the queen will be at the ball, but Lady Danbury assures her there’s no cause for concern because they’ll be with her. She’s made all the arrangements for their lessons. She has them stand so she can examine them. She’s a bit concerned about how old Kate is. Kate says she’s not there to find a husband for herself, just for her sister, who is very accomplished, which she knows since she instructed her herself. Edwina shows off her skill in French as Kate says she also speaks Greek, Latin, Marathi, and Hindustani. She also plays multiple musical instruments. Kate also taught her sister to dance, so they won’t need Lady Danbury to provide lessons. Mary sends Kate to take Newton for a walk.

Eloise complains to Penelope about being pushed to find a husband. As they walk, Penelope stops to buy a quill. Eloise comments that she goes through quills rather quickly. Penelope states that she has been busy with her correspondence. She’s been writing to Colin and he’s been writing back. Eloise herself has stopped reading his letters because he rambles. Penelope says he’s no Lady Whistledown, but Eloise says at least he’s been somewhere unlike her. Penelope’s surprised because Eloise liked Lady Whistledown. Her arrival did save Eloise from her presentation to the queen, but Eloise says all she does is repeat what she hears. She didn’t mind Whistledown’s silence, because it freed her up to read other articles. She thinks Whistledown must write about such things because she’s not an active participant.

Mrs. Varley asks Portia if she wants her to make potatoes for the ladies. Philippa questions why they’re always eating potatoes. Mrs. Varley says it’s because she’s being forced to work that used to be done by many others. All the other staff have left. Portia assures them they’ll be provided for once the new Lord Featherington arrives. He must be cruel to leave them waiting so long. She has heard he cast his only son to the Americas for questioning his word. He might turn them all out of the house as well. Penelope wonders how Philippa’s dowry will be paid if there’s no money for dresses or staff. Portia is certain he’ll be a gentleman and keep a gentleman’s agreement. They also need to find matches for Prudence and Penelope before he arrives or he’ll expect a say in the matter. Mrs. Varley suggests selling the silverware.

Edwina finds Kate holding a dress up to her chest. When Edwina asks her about it, Kate says the dresses are for Edwina. She’ll be happy to remain unwed and dote on Edwina’s children. Edwina’s nervous and hopes people will like her. She’s also noticed that their mother is nervous. She endured a lot of criticism. People will question them and their relation. Kate says they’re sisters and how other people see them won’t ever change that. Plus Lady Danbury will be there to help. Edwina hopes to marry a titled man – a duke or a prince – but Kate says it is not about a title, but true love. She chooses a dress for Edwina to wear.

Kate, Edwina, Mary, and Lady Danbury arrive at the ball. Kate tells Edwina to breathe. Lady Danbury points out the Marquis of Ashdown. He’s a little young, but very wealthy. Then she points out the Earl of Gloucester, whose wife died of influenza. She suggests Kate might try to get him on her dance card. Kate reminds her that she’s not there for herself. She’s only interested in finding a match for her sister. They watch as the queen arrives. Lady Danbury and Mary approach her, which makes Mary nervous. The queen is impressed with Lady Danbury’s ball, but says her own will be more exclusive. She introduces the Sharmas to the queen as her special guests for the season. The queen is miffed that Mary left without bidding her queen goodbye.

Violet, Eloise, Anthony, and Benedict enter. Eloise is uncomfortable in her dress, but Violet says even Daphne was nervous at first. The Marquis of Ashdown approaches, but Benedict leads Eloise away before he can say anything. Anthony’s not impressed with the crowd. Violet then loudly announces that the Viscount is looking for a wife. Several ladies quickly approach, asking for a dance.

Portia and Lady Cowper talk about Mary. They’re surprised she’d show her face after what she did. Cressida asks if there was a scandal. Lady Cowper explains that Mary was the incomparable of their season, but she fell in love with and married a clerk and moved to India with him. Lady Eaton says she would have understood, but the man was just a common worker and already had a child. They spot Kate and deduce she’s the child in question. The Sheffields never got past the shame. Philippa spots Albion Finch and runs to him. Mr. and Mrs. Finch then appear and Portia goes to speak to them. They ask about the new heir and if he’s arrived to settle Philippa’s dowry. Portia feigns prolonged grief to avoid the conversation. The Finches apologize and ask her to let them know when she’s more settled.

Kate spots Anthony, swarmed by women and committing to dances with them, and says she knows him. Lady Danbury hasn’t made that introduction, so Kate pretends she was mistaken. Lady Danbury says he may be the season’s most eligible bachelor. Edwina and Kate agree that he’s handsome. Lord Corning approaches to Lady Danbury’s delight. She introduces them and he invites Edwina to dance. He’s a baron. With Kate’s nod of approval, Edwina accepts the invitation and steps onto the dance floor. Kate doesn’t remember reading about the family. Lady Danbury says it doesn’t matter because it’s unacceptable in London society for a lady not currently engaged to refuse a dance. Kate has much to learn.

Penelope listens as some footmen gossip. Eloise approaches her, relieved to be away from the fray. They’re interrupted by Lord Stanley, who asks Eloise for the next dance. Lord Cho offers to accompany her to fetch some lemonade. Eloise shows them that her dance card is already full and pulls Penelope away with her. Penelope looks at Eloise’s card, which is full of fake names. Violet comes and drags Eloise away to meet someone.

Kate watches Anthony and Miss Weston dance from the side of the dance floor. Miss Weston is nervous and misses steps, leading Anthony to leave the dance floor.

Anthony steps outside. Lord Fife calls him over to join Lord Cho and Lord Stanley in conversation. Lord Fife says he owes him a drink because him being the catch of the season will give the rest of them a break from all the mothers looking for a husband for their daughters. Anthony says it’ll be their turn soon. He doesn’t notice Kate nearby, listening to their conversation. His friends suggest that he just find the least objectionable woman and marry her so he could return to more pleasurable pursuits. He’s not looking for a love match, but the mother of his children must have certain desirable qualities. It shouldn’t be hard to find, but the women at the ball are falling short. Fife wants to go to the smoking room and Anthony promises to join soon. Kate stubs her toe while walking, making a noise, and drawing Anthony’s attention to her. He recognizes her, tells her he’s been wondering about when or whether he’d meet her again, but still doesn’t know her name. He then realizes she overheard their conversation. She tells him that his choice of woman might not accept him, even if he finds one who meets his standards. Then she leaves him standing there, open-mouthed at her audacity, to go back inside.

A carriage pulls up and signals to Penelope, but she’s interrupted by Eloise. Eloise is happy they’re there together so neither of them has to be alone.

Violet asks Benedict if he’s seen Anthony and Eloise, but he simply congratulates them on managing to escape Violet. As he walks away, Lady Danbury approaches and Violet tells her the ball is lovely. Violet heard about her wards. She’s looking forward to showing the other mamas how it ought to be done, but Violet got them all riled up announcing Anthony’s intentions. Kate and Edwina approach and Kate tells Lady Danbury they want to leave. Mary’s already in the carriage. Lady Danbury tries to get them to stay, but Kate is insistent.

Penelope says goodnight to her mother and sisters, then pulls out her next report, which she was unable to get printed. She tucks it away in her dress and slips out of her room.

Penelope encourages the driver to go faster.

Penelope gets to Mister Harris and apologizes for the delay. She has a new edition that must print before noon. She takes the money from the last printing and offers him some for his haste. Delays will become more frequent. Penelope smiles as she leaves with the rest of the money.

As Anthony picks up a program advertising Siena’s next performance, Lady Whistledown reports on the events of the previous evening’s ball. Anthony burns the program.

Lady Whistledown suggests that maybe she should take the matter of naming the season’s diamond into her own hands.

The queen doesn’t want to be hustled into making her decision. She tells Brimsley to take the Lady Whistledown newsletter away and bring her a list of the peerage.

Eloise and the Marquis of Ashdown sit on opposite sides of the couch. Eloise is completely disinterested. Violet offers him some tea, but Eloise thinks warm milk might be better. Gregory and Hyacinth are playing marbles on the floor and the Marquis jumps up to join them. Eloise asks if she can go read.

Lord Fife and Lord Cho leave Edwina. Lord Cho says he could make more headway with Edwina if Kate got out of the way.

Albion reads the Whistledown as Philippa and the other Featheringtons sit in the sitting room. He finds her puns clever and Penelope agrees. Portia tells Mrs. Varley to see what the candlesticks are worth.

Francesca plays piano while Violet tells Genevieve how much Margaret Goring liked Eloise’s dress. Violet has chosen a fabric and hands it to Genevieve. Violet says Eloise might enjoy the next ball more if she dances with someone. Eloise notes that Anthony danced and still didn’t have a good time. Anthony confirms he can still barely feel his toes. Hyacinth thinks Eloise would make a brilliant diamond and Violet agrees. Perhaps the queen will take note of that at her ball. Eloise hates the idea. As Genevieve leaves, she runs into Benedict, who didn’t know she was back in town. Benedict asks if he can see her, but she claims she has too much work to do. Her art must come first. After she’s gone, Anthony calls Benedict over and asks if he still has a thing with Genevieve. Benedict says apparently not and asks if Anthony has found a wife. Anthony leaves to deal with their solicitor.

Violet follows him out into the hall and encourages him to get to know some of the ladies a bit better. He wasn’t impressed by any of them. He’s looking for perfection. The woman he marries will be Viscountess, the lady of the house, responsible for bringing up his younger siblings. He wants someone intelligent as well as beautiful. Violet says he’ll end up alone with such expectations.

When Penelope hears a noise approaching her room, she hastily hides her money under the floorboards. Prudence comes in and questions why she’s so quiet. Penelope says she was just reading, which Prudence finds horrifying. Prudence sees that she was writing something and asks her about it. Penelope tries to hide it from her, but Prudence grabs it. When Portia comes in, Prudence tells her that Penelope was writing to Colin Bridgerton. Penelope defends herself, saying Colin is her friend. Portia sees the books on Penelope’s table and asks if they’re worth anything. Penelope doesn’t think so. She encourages Penelope to stop wasting her time. Colin isn’t her friend.

A footman tells Lady Danbury that she has a letter.

Lady Danbury goes to see Kate and asks if she’s planning to ride again tomorrow morning. She knows everything that happens in her home. She has a letter from Kate’s grandparents, the Sheffields. Kate says she has no relation to them. Lady Danbury is annoyed that Kate wasn’t straightforward with her. Kate apologizes for riding unchaperoned. Lady Danbury is more concerned about the real reason they came to London. Her mother never wanted to come back. Kate was the one who wanted it: to secure Edwina’s and Mary’s futures. The Sheffields couldn’t control their daughter’s marriage, so they want to control Edwina’s marriage. Kate helped her mother raise Edwina after their father’s death so she would never know they struggled, but their money ran out. They used the last of it to make the journey to London and then Mary’s parents offered a sizable dowry for Edwina and to look after Mary if Edwina marries nobility. They won’t accept Kate because she’s not her mother’s daughter by birth. Lady Danbury thinks Edwina has a right to know, but Kate doesn’t want her to marry quickly just to please them. She deserves the chance to find love without the burden. She asks Lady Danbury to promise not to tell Edwina.

The queen oversees her ball. The Featheringtons enter and bow to her. The Sharmas come next. The queen says she hopes they’re finding everything to their satisfaction. Mary says they are. Lady Danbury sends Kate and Edwina to take their mother some refreshments. Then she tells the queen that Mary deserves some recognition for returning to London to introduce her daughters, especially Edwina. It’s her chance to shake up the season.

As Violet, Eloise, Benedict, and Anthony enter, Benedict asks if there’s anyone there he hasn’t rejected yet. Anthony sarcastically asks if Benedict sees anyone inspiring and states that he will marry whoever is named the diamond. They make their way to the queen. The queen says it’s a shame Eloise’s presentation was interrupted. After Daphne’s triumph, good fortune might run in the family. Eloise says it’s a beautiful ball, but she’s more of an emerald person herself. The queen laughs and says her favorite necklace is one of emeralds. She’s impressed that Eloise knew that. She’s come a long way since last year. Benedict teases Anthony, asking what will happen if Eloise is named the diamond.

Eloise finds Penelope and tells her they need to leave. She somehow managed to charm the queen. Penelope tells her to calm down. Cressida approaches and wonders if Eloise being named the diamond would stop her from hanging out with Penelope and find better friends. Cressida might have an opening, but Eloise says she would rather die.

Eloise doesn’t know how Penelope handled an entire season of such events with people like Cressida around. Penelope doesn’t share her difficulties. They sit down together in the flowers. Penelope says it’s not so bad being a wallflower like Cressida said. She gets the first glass of lemonade. She knows all the best dancers from watching. She knows when a suitor is serious by how he looks at a lady when she’s dancing with another. She also hears what the footmen say in secret. Eloise says Penelope doesn’t have to pretend any longer not to enjoy society. Penelope asks if Eloise doesn’t find herself even a little amused by Lady Whistledown. Eloise thought she would miss her, but now she’s back, reporting on the same things, reminding Eloise that she’s trapped. People are always watching her, comparing her to Daphne. Daphne was so good at being the diamond and it made their mother so happy. Eloise can’t and doesn’t want to live up to that. She just feels like a disappointment. Penelope says no one notices her. But invisibility brings freedom to her. Eloise wonders if that’s why Whistledown remains anonymous.

The queen announces that the season’s diamond is Edwina Sharma. Brimley brings Edwina to the queen as everyone applauds. Anthony steps forward along with other potential suitors. The queen introduces him to Edwina and he asks her for a dance. She accepts and takes his hand.

Kate thanks Lady Danbury, but Lady Danbury says the work isn’t over yet.

As they dance, Anthony asks Edwina the questions he’s prepared for all his potential brides. He’s impressed by her education and grace. He asks to speak with her father and she says her father died years ago. Anthony says his did as well. The song ends and Edwina suggests that he’ll need her sister’s blessing. Lady Danbury and Kate approach then and they’re introduced. Anthony is startled to see that Kate is Edwina’s sister. Kate takes Edwina’s arm and quietly tells her not to go near Anthony. As they walk away, Violet says Edwina is a lovely diamond. Anthony says he’s going to marry her.

Kate says there are things she needs to tell Edwina.

The Featheringtons return home to see a large amount of luggage in the foyer. Mrs. Varley tells them the new Lord Featherington has arrived. Jack Featherington comes down the stairs. He’s the son of the man they believed was the heir. He was delayed arriving because he had to come from America. But he’s already started taking care of things. He’s paid Philippa’s dowry and had Portia’s things moved out of what is now his bedchamber.

Lady Whistledown announces a shift in her reporting. She finds the practice of naming a diamond quite ridiculous. She thinks women should be valued for their character and accomplishments instead.

Eloise reads the pamphlet as she’s fitted for a dress and smiles. She loves it.

The queen reads the report and says Edwina will have a lot of work to do this season.