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A Bee in Your Bonnet

Director: Alex Pillai
Writers: Sarah L. Thompson
Runtime: 1h 9m
Filming locations: London, England, UK
Release date: March 25, 2022
Previous episode: Off to the races
Next episode: Victory

The Sharmas arrive at the Bridgerton’s country estate, where Anthony seeks to win Kate’s good opinion amid bad memories and a ruthless game of pall-mall.

Episode Trivia
  • The flowers Edmund picks for Violet are hyacinths. Their youngest child is named Hyacinth.
  • In the Book Simon Hastings also joins in for the pall-mall game. Here, he does not appear as Regé-Jean Page is no longer part of the Bridgerton ensemble.
  • In the book, Kate and Anthony are engaged after the bee incident, because Anthony loses himself and attempts to suck the venom out of Kate’s bosom from fear she will die.
  • Director Alex Pillai said the actors became quite competitive on set when filming the Pall Mall scene!
Episode Quotes

Anthony Bridgerton: Oh, your brought your dog.
Kate Sharma: Yes. Newton is an excellent judge of character. (Newton barks at Anthony) Oh. See?

Daphne Basset: And, well, then there is Anthony.
Kate Sharma: Let me guess. A most ruthless, cutthroat player.
Daphne Basset: Why, you have made his acquaintance.

Kate Sharma: I fear I may have upset the viscount during our game.
Eloise Bridgerton: Ah. You were near our father’s grave? (Kate nods) Well, then his mood was not on your account. He rarely goes near the site if he can help it.

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  • Added: Mar 30, 2023   |   Duration: 03:03   |   Views: 371
    A scene from Bridgerton episode 2x03, A Bee in Your Bonnet. Kate and Anthony face unbearable tension after Kate is stung by a bee
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A deep dive into the epic 'Bridgerton' season 2 pall-mall scene with the cast and crew
Episode Summary

Courtesy of Bridgerton Wiki | 10 Years Earlier

Edmund Bridgerton advises Anthony to take his time as he aims his gun. Anthony fires, but misses. He’s upset because he’s worried his siblings will disparage him for it. Anthony watches as Edmund fires his own gun and hits his mark.

As they walk back to Aubrey Hall, Edmund says it’s about confidence more than anything else. He wasn’t able to shoot the stag because he’d decided already that he couldn’t. Anthony doesn’t think anything rattles Edmund, but Edmund thinks Violet would disagree. He stops to pick her some flowers. Anthony picks some for Daphne, knowing she’ll object if they don’t bring her something. Edmund swats at a bee, but it stings him. He suddenly starts struggling to breathe. Anthony holds him and calls for help. A heavily pregnant Violet runs out to them and holds Edmund as he struggles to breathe and finally takes his last breath. Violet cries and then sends a stunned Anthony to take the other children, who have come out onto the steps, back inside so they don’t see him dying.

Mary, Kate, Edwina, Lady Danbury, and Newton ride in their carriage to Aubrey Hall to visit Anthony and his family. On the way, Edwina talks about wardrobe choices. Lady Danbury says the early invitation is a very good sign. By the time everyone else arrives, Edwina might have secured a proposal.

Portia tells Penelope to stop pacing, and they have a lot to do before they join the Bridgertons, starting with a trip to the modiste. Jack finishes his paper and stands up, saying he thought he’d head to White’s. Once he’s gone, Portia comments that at least he’s not courting a wife. It’s only a matter of time and then she and her daughters will be cast onto the streets. Mrs. Varley makes a joke about one of the ladies of the ton which Portia says doesn’t help. Portia wants to find someone malleable, as it would give them the best chance of remaining in their home. Prudence comes in, saying she wants to move into Philippa’s room now that she’s out. Portia realizes Prudence would be an excellent match for Jack and their relation is distant enough that it won’t matter. Portia goads Prudence into agreeing and she starts making plans to seduce him.

Daphne and baby Augie arrive at Aubrey Hall to the delight of their family. She has come determined to win their annual game of pall-mall, which would make two years in a row for her. Violet, Francesca, and Hyacinth fawn over baby Augie. Francesca tries to call Eloise over, but Eloise isn’t interested. Daphne hands Augie to Violet, who hands him to Eloise. Augie starts to cry, so Colin takes him and he’s soothed. Daphne asks if Anthony’s enjoying his break from searching for a wife and he tells her he’s actually invited Edwina and her family for a visit. He repeats what others have said about Edwina while voicing his frustrations about Kate. He needs his siblings’ help to win her sister over.

All the Bridgertons greet Lady Danbury, Kate, Edwina, and Mary as they arrive. Lady Danbury is excited to see Augie and holds him. While they talk, Anthony notices Kate smiling and says that his plan to win her over is already working. He also meets Newton, whom Kate says is an excellent judge of character. Newton barks at Anthony, he then tells Kate her opinion of him will change and so will Newton’s. Daphne sees them talking and assumes she’s Edwina until she’s corrected. Kate introduces her to Edwina and Anthony welcomes her to Aubrey Hall. Violet asks Mrs. Wilson to show the guests to their rooms so they can get settled. Eloise says they should also prepare for battle, a remark Violet brushes off, saying Eloise gets spirited in the country. Kate bonds with Eloise, saying they have that in common. Anthony reminds Violet that there’s something he needs now.

Anthony holds the ring and Violet asks if he’s sure. He says he is. Edwina will make the perfect viscountess. Violet looks up at Edmund’s portrait. The house holds many memories, both good and bad. She hopes Anthony is acting with a sound mind. She wants him to be certain.

Nelson asks Anthony if they should begin making arrangements. As the other children cry in the background, Nelson tells Anthony they need to have a casket made. Another servant asks if he wants the body moved out of the bedroom. Nearby, Violet rejects Mrs. Wilson’s help as she sobs. They have to give notice of the death. Mrs. Wilson wants to send for a doctor for Violet. Nelson also asks if Anthony has the keys to his father’s office, as they can’t find them. Nelson asks about having Violet’s things moved to another room, which confuses Anthony, even though the room is rightly his now.

Daphne places a wicket strategically to get revenge on Colin for his placement in last year’s game. Daphne explains the game, focusing on the strategic aspect of upsetting other players. Kate thinks she’ll enjoy the game. Daphne tells them about how the other siblings play. When she gets to Anthony, Kate steps in with a description of Anthony as the most ruthless, cutthroat player, which Daphne says is accurate. He’s usually a genteel sportsman, but not when it comes to pall-mall. Edwina’s excited to play.

Portia encourages Genevieve to lower Prudence’s dress in the bust, but Genevieve objects. Portia drags Prudence to another modiste when Genevieve won’t comply. Penelope tells Genevieve she liked her design. She makes up a story about when Genevieve saw her out in down. Genevieve makes it clear that she believes a lady’s business is her own and she won’t say anything. Penelope agrees. A delivery boy brings fabric and she has him leave it in the back. Genevieve is concerned about her dwindling business due to the nearby competition.

Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, and Eloise bicker about who should get to choose their mallet first. They decide to let their guests choose first. Edwina chooses and then Kate, wha takes the mallet preferred by Anthony. The siblings then rush to grab their own, leaving Anthony with the last one, a chipped, pastel pink mallet.

The game starts and they all play happily, teasing each other. Kate plays well while Anthony struggles. Anthony plays off his poor playing as being considerate to Edwina. While they play, Benedict tells Colin about him applying to the art school.

Mary and Violet watch from the sidelines. Violet tells Mary her daughters are a credit to her. It’s been years since Mary was last in England, since she left with her husband. Violet understands and says Aubrey Hall holds mixed memories for her. Lady Danbury approaches and says it’s been a slow start, but she still has hopes for bloodshed. They watch Daphne take her turn and agree that their matchmaking last year worked out well. They hope to have a similar success again.

Play continues and tensions rise. It’s Kate’s turn and her ball has landed near Anthony’s. She has the chance to best him. Anthony pretends he doesn’t care what she does. Kate takes her mallet and uses her ball to launch his into the woods. Edwina is next and her ball goes into some bushes. She decides not to fetch it and bows out of the game. Anthony offers to leave with her, but she tells him to keep playing. Colin uses his turn to launch Kate’s ball in the same direction as Anthony’s. He tells them they better go fetch their balls unless they plan to admit defeat. They look at each other for a moment and decide to go fetch the balls.

In the woods, they search for their balls until they find them in a bog, side by side. Kate tests Anthony’s integrity by saying they could just grab them out and no one would know, but Anthony sees what she is trying to do. He says he would know, and he’s certain Kate would tell the others if he cheated. While Anthony contemplates the best way to get to his ball, Kate wades into the muck, takes her stance, and hits her ball out. Anthony steps up and does the same. As Kate goes to step out, she finds that she’s stuck. Anthony steps back in to help pull her out, but they both end up falling back into the mud. They laugh as they pull themselves back out. Anthony then asks Kate what he needs to do to win her favor. Kate says she only wants her sister to be happy. She thought he would understand as he also has sisters to protect. She’s that for Edwina. Anthony wants them to start fresh so he can prove he can make Edwina happy. Kate agrees, then takes her turn to knock Anthony’s ball away again. When he sees where it has landed, he pauses. They hear Daphne celebrating her win, so Anthony just declares that the game is over and leaves the woods. Kate goes to get the ball herself and sees a memorial to Edmund.

A thunderstorm crashes outside as Violet calls out in pain. She’s in labor. Anthony watches Daphne sing to Eloise. Doctor Walker tells Anthony that he needs to come into the room. In the room, Doctor Lewis tells Violet to get back in her bed, but she’s given birth seven times before and knows something is wrong this time. Doctor Walker tells Anthony a decision might have to be made. Violet interrupts him, saying to not talk to Anthony, but to her. Doctor Walker asks Anthony to step outside, but Violet stops him. Anthony says he’ll find out what the doctor is asking. Violet says he’s asking whether they should save her or the child, but it’s her choice, not Anthony’s. Doctor Walker says that it’s Anthony’s decision. Violet protests, saying it’s Edmund’s decision and it wouldn’t be hard for him because he loved her. Anthony tells the doctor to do whatever Violet chooses and leaves the room. Doctor Walker says he’ll do his best to save them both.

Anthony looks up at his father’s portrait.

Portia coaches Prudence on how to draw Jack’s attention to her. She tells Prudence to laugh at all his jokes. Jack comes in and sits down with his paper. Penelope asks to return to the modiste, but Portia tells her no. Portia tries to force conversation between Prudence and Jack, but Prudence is awkward. Jack gets up, telling them he’s invited the Cowpers for dinner. He asks Portia to make the arrangements for that.

Anthony and Edwina talk awkwardly in the sitting room as Violet and Lady Danbury sit nearby. Their conversation gets less awkward the longer they talk. Anthony invites Edwina to talk about the books she’s read.

Edwina tells Kate about her wonderful conversation with Anthony. As they talk, Lady Danbury listens with her ear pressed to the door. Edwina was delighted by their conversation, as Anthony was interested in what she was saying. Edwina thinks a proposal is coming.

Daphne asks Anthony about his relationship with Edwina. As they talk, Violet listens with her ear pressed to the door. He thinks it’s going well, despite Edwina leaving the game early. Anthony is surprised by Daphne’s feelings about Edwina. She admits that she has no legitimate objection. If Edwina is really the one for him, the one who makes him unable to think of anyone else, the one he’s drawn to, Daphne is happy for him.

Eloise spots Violet and Lady Danbury looking at each other knowingly and realizes they’ve been eavesdropping.

The Featheringtons dine with the Cowpers. Portia pushes Prudence to engage with Jack. Cressida then asks Jack about his mines in America. He doesn’t want to talk about it, so Cressida speaks of her own assets. Lord Cowper comments on the meat, saying you can’t find meat like it in the Americas. Jack agrees there’s nothing like English cooking. Lady Cowper suggests he join them for a meal at their home, as their cook is renowned for her trifle. Portia asks if that’s the cook she stole from the Evans household. Lady Cowper asks about Jack being unmarried. He says he wanted to establish himself first, but now he’s ready to settle down. Penelope asks about Cressida’s dress, which is from the new modiste. Jack invites Cressida to go for a promenade later in the week and she accepts.

Colin offers to help Benedict open his mind, using a powder world travelers use for that purpose. Benedict says it smells foul and doubts it will help him. Colin says it might take his mind off his doubts. Benedict dumps the whole bag of powder into his tea, steels himself, and drinks all the tea in one go, to Colin’s horror.

Kate brews herself some tea and enjoys it outside. Eloise joins her, telling her not to tell the game of pall-mall discourage her. Kate is worried he upset Anthony during the game. Eloise asks if they were near Edmund’s grave and says because they were, his mood was not because of her. Anthony avoids that area as much as possible. Eloise asks if it was Kate’s choice not to marry. Her brothers tell her how awful it is to be a spinster, but Kate seems content with her situation. Kate does tell Eloise that an unmarried life is not ideal.

Anthony goes to his father’s grave and looks at it.

Anthony goes to see Violet. She’s going through the motions since Edmund died. Anthony invites her to join them for family dinner. She says she is doing her best. She’s doing everything she can, thinking about how baby Hyacinth will never know her father’s laugh. She regrets that Hyacinth didn’t kill her so she could be with Edmund. Edmund was the air she breathed and without him, there is no air. She warns Anthony not to ask her about family dinner. She’s doing her best.

Violet finds Anthony at the grave, Anthony almost leaves but she insists he stays. She then replaces the bouquet of flowers at the base with fresh ones. Lilacs were Edmund’s favorite flower, she says. Violet hates to see Anthony so torn, as this should be a time of joy for him. He says he’s content, fulfilling his duty to his family. She says dedication to his family shouldn’t take the place of love. Edmund took his role seriously, but also loved deeply. She knows that’s what Anthony wants. He was so sweet and earnest as a child, but his father’s death put a wall up inside him. He deserves to have a great love. Anthoyn insists that there’s not place for love in his marriage. He seeks an amiable union without heartbreak and grief. Violet was barely there after Edmund died, while Anthony has to remember every moment. He doesn’t want to cause such pain.

At dinner, Benedict feels the effects of the drugs and speaks nonsensically. Edwina is enjoying her time at Aubrey Hall and remarks that it’s peaceful. Anthony says it’s not as peaceful with all seven of his siblings. Edwina says she and Kate can’t compare, though they got into their own messes. Kate has always shouldered the burden of the family and has always looked out for her, which Daphne says sounds a lot like Anthony. Anthony isn’t listening because he’s watching Kate. Lady Danbury proposes a toast, looking expectantly at Anthony. After a moment, Anthony stands and thanks Lady Danbury, Mary, Kate, and Edwina for coming. It’s been a privilege to get to know Edwina better in particular. He has a question for her. He pauses once he meets Kate’s eyes, and then asks Edwina not to tell anyone about his loss at pall-mall. He toasts to the days ahead.

Kate massages oil in Edwina’s hair and scalp. Edwina is disappointed and thinks she must have done something wrong. Now the rest of the ton will be joining them. She blames herself for not having learned more about the family or gotten closer to Anthony. Kate consoles her and reminds her that she’s the season’s diamond. She has choices and all will be well.

Benedict, who is still high, paints with his fingers. Colin is surprised that he’s still awake. Benedict thanks Colin for his help. Eloise brings a letter from London in for Colin. He opens it and reads that he’s been admitted to the school. He cries and celebrates enthusiastically even shouting out the window that everyone will bear witness to his talent. Eloise knows he’ll be as insufferable as Colin now since he won’t stop talking about his art the way Colin does about his travels to Greece. Colin asks if Eloise ever hears from Marina. Eloise says she doesn’t live very far away. Benedict is still clearly drugged and Eloise wonders how much longer it will last.

In her latest report, Whistledown disparages the new modiste and praises Genevieve, specifically calling out Cressida’s dress.

Penelope enters Genevieve’s shop just as she finishes reading about herself. Without saying it directly, Penelope and Genevieve establish that Genevieve knows she’s Lady Whistledown. Genevieve says she won’t tell anyone, but Penelope is there to get Genevieve’s help. She is at risk for getting spotted again. She’s helped Genevieve with her business and wants Genevieve to return the favor.

Anthony looks at Newton, who growls at him until Anthony closes the door between them.

Kate rides her horse alone. When she returns, she finds Anthony standing alone outside and approaches him. Kate says Edwina is in her room, not feeling her best. Anthony didn’t meant to upset her and says he still plans to propose. Last night just wasn’t the moment because of his siblings’ behavior. Kate thinks he’s just making excuses and they argue over it. Anthony sees a bee flying nearby and starts to panic when it lands on Kate. She goes to swipe it away and it stings her. His panic worsens, though she doesn’t understand his worry. He starts to hyperventilate, so she assures him she’s okay and puts his hand on her chest to show him that she’s okay. Slowly, he calms down. He starts to lean in closer to her, but a horse whinnying interrupts them and he pulls back. They run away in opposite directions.