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Director: Alex Pillai
Writers: Chris Van Dusen & Jess Brownell
Runtime: 59m
Filming locations:
Release date: March 25, 2022
Previous episode: A Bee in Your Bonnet
Next episode: An Unthinkable Fate

As guests gather for the Bridgerton’s ball, Anthony and Kate clash during a hunting party, Colin revisits the past, and Lady Featherington sets a trap.

Episode Trivia
  • Title Drop: In the final scene, when Anthony proposes to Edwina, Lady Whistledown’s voiceover reports their engagement, ending with “Victory, indeed.”
  • A classical version of “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn plays during the dance scene.
  • Lady Featherington tells Prudence that Cornish people eat fish head pie. In fact, stargazy pie (sometimes called starrey gazey pie, stargazey pie and other variants) is a Cornish dish made of baked pilchards (sardines), along with eggs and potatoes, covered with a pastry crust, with fish heads (and sometimes tails) protruding through the crust so that they appear to be gazing up at the stars.
  • In the book this season is taken from, Anthony and Edwina never get engaged. By the end of the party at the Bridgerton country house he was already engaged to Kate.
Episode Quotes

Anthony Bridgerton: It is not what you think.
Daphne Basset: I’m trying very much not to think about it at all.
Anthony Bridgerton: Daphne—
Daphne Basset: You are courting her sister!
Anthony Bridgerton: And I have every intention of bringing it to a point.
Daphne Basset: Why?
Anthony Bridgerton: Why? Because I am courting her. Because I’ve decided.
Daphne Basset: And I had decided last year I would marry the prince, until you caught me in the garden with Simon at the Trowbridge ball under VERY similar circumstances!

Daphne Basset: The two of you cannot seem to stay away from one another.
Anthony Bridgerton: Because she is aggravating!
Daphne Basset: Oh, is that what I just witnessed?

Anthony Bridgerton: Why is it that you dislike me so?
Kate Sharma: Because…because you vex me!

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Episode Videos
  • Added: Mar 30, 2023   |   Duration: 03:42   |   Views: 625
    A scene from Bridgerton episode 2x04, Victory. Kate and Anthony dances to an acoustic version of 'Dancing on my own'. (Both original scene + remake to Taylor Swift's Daylight by Audrey Mitchell).
Episode Summary

Courtesy of Bridgerton Wiki | The staff prepares for the Bridgertons’ annual Hearts and Flowers Ball, which carries the year’s most coveted invitation.

Violet gives Mrs. Wilson instructions on guests’ preferences. Another maid informs her that the roses and carnations have arrived. Daphne suggests that they add lilacs and make the bouquets bigger. Violet is impressed and says she taught Daphne well.

Anthony takes an apple out of the fruit bowl and bites it. Benedict objects because he was painting a still life. Anthony says it was a mistake to invite Edwina, Kate, Mary, and Lady Danbury to come to Aubrey Hall early. Benedict tries to persuade Anthony to go outside. Anthony is hiding from Kate, but thinking about her.

Edwina asks Kate if the sting is still bothering her. Since she was stung, she’s been keeping to herself. Kate denies it and asks Edwina about Anthony. Edwina thought she’d be announcing an engagement at the ball, so she’s upset at the delay. Kate tries to encourage her, saying there are other suitors, but she’s worried other suitors will think something’s wrong with her because Anthony hasn’t proposed. She wants everything Anthony offers: his title, his home, his position, his family. She thinks Kate is the reason Anthony hasn’t proposed, because the two of them don’t get along. She says Anthony needs to fall in love with Kate.

Genevieve sews the Whistledown papers into a dress seam. Then she boxes up the dress and has it sent out. It makes its way to the print shop, where Mister Harris retrieves the papers as Theo watches.

Penelope, Prudence, Portia, and Jack wait impatiently in their carriage as they approach Aubrey Hall in the heat. Jack looks out the window to see what the delay is and spots Cressida with her family in their carriage. When he leans back in, the carriage finally starts moving again.

Violet and Daphne welcome their guests. Daphne sees Anthony at a table speaking to Edwina and notes that she hasn’t gotten to know Edwina and doesn’t think Anthony really has either. She thinks she should get to know her for him.

Penelope races over to Eloise, who is happy to see her. Colin tells Penelope to prepare to hear quotes from a women’s rights pamphlet. Penelope reminds Eloise that the Ks haven’t been smudged for a while now, meaning it’s probably not Whistledown’s printer. Eloise says she’s actually interested in the content, even though it’s a bit radical. She starts talking about Theo and Penelope is horrified that she’s still been going to that part of town. Colin has tried to dissuade her, but it hasn’t worked and he hopes Penelope can manage it while he’s gone. He’s planning to visit Marina. Violet comes to collect Eloise and Penelope, warning Eloise to behave as they’re hosting. She pushes the two of them toward the other young ladies.

Edwina sees Kate and calls her over to the table. Things are awkward between her and Anthony. At Edwina’s urging, Kate tells Anthony about her bee sting, and he and Kate both act as though he didn’t already know. Edwina then encourages Anthony to give Kate a tour of the grounds. Anthony says he’s about to go hunting, but Edwina suggests that Kate go along, as she’s an adept shot. Benedict comes to get Anthony for the hunt. Anthony doesn’t believe that Kate could be good at hunting, because ladies don’t hunt. Kate suggests it’s because they aren’t typically allowed. Edwina suggests taking a maid to chaperone. It’ll be a great bonding experience for them. Benedict encourages it, thinking Kate might be able to teach Anthony a thing or two.

Colin arrives at the Crane home. Inside, Marina comes to see him, holding a baby. She tells him the baby is Oliver. Amanda is sleeping. She had twins. She tells him Philip is out studying his flowers. Colin wanted to come visit after everything to see how Marina was doing. Marina offers him tea, which he accepts.

Daphne, Edwina, Mary, and Lady Danbury play a card game. Edwina’s enjoying the festivities and compliments Daphne and Violet’s hosting. Edwina looks forward to hosting her own such gatherings. Edwina thinks she knows what she wants in a match and says Anthony matches what she wants. Daphne realizes that Edwina really doesn’t know Anthony at all. Edwina then informs her that Kate went hunting with Anthony so they could learn to get along, which gets Daphne thinking.

As they ride out into the woods to start their hunt, Anthony is certain it will be a failure while Benedict is more optimistic. When the group turns, Kate wonders why they’re going that way as she can see tracks in the other direction. Kate explains how she learned to hunt. Anthony makes her laugh, and there’s a tense silence and secret looks between the two of them until someone announces their arrival.

Colin tells Marina of his travels. Marina likes hearing about them and says it was good of him to come by. Just then, Philip returns. He’s also intrigued by Colin’s travels, particularly as it relates to botany. He invites Colin to join them for dinner and Colin accepts.

Jack, Anthony, and Benedict walk through the woods with their guns. They haven’t spotted a creature yet. Kate isn’t amused by their conversation. She’d rather follow her own instincts instead of their guide. She shares what she knows about the behavior of deer. As they continue on, Kate disappears on her own to hunt. Anthony sends the others along with Kate’s maid and goes to find her.

Miss Eaton says she likes Lord Westbridge, but his hands wander when he dances. Mary Ann Hallwell says at least he’s young as her own mother has fixed on Sir Derryworth for her. Eloise suggests they just say no to their mothers. Penelope however points out it’s not that simple, Cordelia Patridge says she does everything her mama says. They talk about Lady Whistledown and don’t believe she’ll publish anything for the week as everyone is enjoying the countryside together. They’ll already know anything she prints. Penelope wonders if that’s really true.

Prudence and Portia play a game. Portia says tomorrow might be her last chance to charm Jack away from Cressida Cowper or she’ll new lady of the Featherington house. Prudence isn’t interested, but Portia sees no other way.

Anthony finds Kate aiming her gun. They argue about her going off on her own and how her disregard for the rules led to the moment the two of them shared. Kate thinks he was more at fault for their shared looks because of the way he looked at her. They hear rustling nearby and Kate takes aim, though Anthony says she’s holding the gun incorrectly and gets behind her to help her. As he places his arms around her, putting his hands on her hands, he inhales her scent. Their moment is interrupted when the heard the other men approaching and pull apart. It starts to rain as they rejoin the group.

Philip and Colin continue their talk about plants. Marina reminds Philip that Colin didn’t travel just to see plants. She also suggests that Colin might need to return to his family. Colin thanks them for their hospitality. Philip goes to check on the babies, leaving Marina and Colin to say goodbye. Marina asks him why he came. He apologizes to her for everything he said to her and forgives her for what she did. She tells him she doesn’t need either as it’s all in the past. She wants to move forward with the life she has now. Colin says she doesn’t seem happy with Philip, but she says she’s content with her life and her children. Philip is a good father. She can’t return to a fantasy. Colin says good night. Marina tells him to open his eyes and sees that there are people in his life he already makes happy, including Penelope. She encourages him to seek them out rather than her because his happiness doesn’t lie in the past with her. He says goodbye and leaves.

Kate returns to her room, where Edwina is waiting and asks her how the hunt was. Kate says it was unsuccessful and might not have been if the men had listened to her. Edwina is more interested in how it went with Anthony. Kate thinks it went well and they can get along now. Edwina tells her to keep doing what she’s doing, then.

Anthony lies awake at night.

In her room, Kate does as well. Kate eventually gets up, leaving a sleeping Edwina behind.

Kate is reading a book in the library when Anthony comes into the room and startles her. She tells him she couldn’t sleep because of the storm. Storms have always unsettled her. Her father used to read to her during monsoons, so the rain makes her think of him. Anthony shares that this was his father’s library and how much he treasured his books. Kate asks how he died and Anthony tells her he was stung by a bee. That’s why he was so worried over her. A clap of thunder interrupts the moment between them and Kate leaves to go back to bed.

The servants get everything ready. Violet asks Daphne how things went with Edwina and Daphne says Edwina is certainly a diamond. She always knows what to say. But Daphne always picturing Anthony being with someone more like himself. Every time Daphne thinks her marriage has gotten simple, she and Simon find a new stone to turn over. It’s irritating, but gratifying. Edwina says and does all the right things, but Anthony is a Bridgerton. Daphne thinks there’s something in each of them that requires a challenge. Violet agrees.

Daphne goes to Anthony and tells him the ball is all set for him. Daphne questions if he and Edwina really know each other well enough to marry. Daphne wonders if there isn’t someone he has more in common with. When he doesn’t answer, she asks him about the hunt. Anthony says he misses Simon because without him around, Daphne has become meddlesome. He tells her not to concern herself.

Several couples dance at the ball. When Edwina, Kate, Mary, and Lady Danbury arrive, Anthony asks for Edwina’s first dance. After they’ve gone, Lady Danbury asks if she’s enjoyed her time alone with Anthony, meaning the hunt. Kate says it went well.

Eloise is standing with Penelope when she notices her mother approaching with a man. Penelope encourages her to dance with the suitor despite her reservations. Eloise still tries to escape, but can’t before Violet introduces her to Lord Morrison. He asks her to dance, and Violet pushes her toward him. He tries to talk to her, but she says she’s trying to count her steps. They bicker about his belief that young ladies are inferior intellectually to men, then he invites her to leave the dance floor and spike the punch. She decides to leave the dance floor before the end of the dance. He tries to grab her, but she tells him not to compliment a woman by insulting her entire sex. Violet stops Eloise from walking away, saying she invited Lord Morrison specifically for her. He’s known to share her rebellious spirit, but Eloise says that her rebellion isn’t some part she’s playing. It’s not something she’s done to attract a suitor. She knows she’s a disappointment to Violet and she just wants to be allowed to go to bed. She starts to cry as she walks up the stairs. Penelope tries to follow her, but she asks to be alone.

Prudence watches Jack talk to Cressida. She tells Portia that Jack has barely glanced at her all night. Portia suggests she should take a walk outside. After she’s gone, Portia goes to Jack and says that Lord Fife is looking for him in the orangery, the same place she sent Prudence to walk. Jack excuses himself and walks outside.

Anthony dances with Edwina. He does not look at her. When the dance ends, Edwina goes to Kate and says Anthony went to get her a lemonade. She believes he has intentions for the evening because he’s asked her to dance twice. Edwina tells Kate she has to dance with him, because he’ll need to talk to Kate before the end of the ball if he plans to propose. Edwina asks if Kate is prepare offer her blessing. It could be her last chance. Anthony brings Edwina’s drink and Edwina sets the two of them up to dance. As they dance, Lady Danbury and Daphne watch, noticing the way the two of them are dancing and looking at one another. While they dance, Kate asks if he has something to ask. He asks if she’d give her blessing if he asked for it. She tells him she wants her sister to be happy. Anthony asks if she thinks he can make her happy, but Kate says that’s a question only he can answer. She’ll be returning to India as soon as her sister is married. The song ends and Anthony walks away abruptly, blinking his eyes as if he is about to cry. Edwina asks Kate where he went and what she said to him. Kate says she’ll go find him and walks in the direction he left. Daphne visibly reacts to Anthony being so emotional in public.

Portia leads a group of people to the orangery. She gasps dramatically when they walk in on Jack and Prudence talking. While Portia makes implications of what Jack may have done while alone with Prudence, the two of them maintain that nothing happened. Jack says he was there to meet Lord Fife, but Lord Fife doesn’t know anything about it. Lord Cowper asks if Jack will marry Prudence then. At Portia’s silent encouragement, Prudence enthusiastically says she does wish it.

Kate follows Anthony back to his office, where she questions his distress. He asks when she’s leaving. She says immediately after Edwina is married. She’s not concerned with finding her own match. Anthony thinks she’s trying to keep him away from Edwina because she doesn’t like him and he wants to know why. She says he vexes her, which Anthony says is mutual. He tells her that she hates him, and she agrees. As they step closer to each other, he says she’s a gentleman. She adds that his heart is with her sister. He starts to repeat it, but is unable to finish the sentence. As their lips get close, he tells her to say she doesn’t care for him, that she feels nothing, and he’ll walk away. She starts to repeat it, but is unable to finish the sentence. The door opening startles them apart. It’s Daphne, who is startled to see the two of them in such close proximity. She leaves and Anthony follows her.

Daphne is drinking when Anthony catches up to her. Anthony pours himself a drink and gulps it down. He says it’s not what she thinks. She reminds him that he’s courting Kate’s sister. He says he intends to propose, but Daphne asks why. Last year, she was courting the Prince, but then Anthony caught her with Simon. He tells her that nothing happened, but Daphne knows Anthony has affection for Kate. Anthony denies it, but Daphne knows. It’s obvious there’s something between them and he needs to be honest with himself about it. Feelings of true love always surface. Anthony is aghast, but says he knows what he has to do, so Daphne leaves.

Penelope is shocked that Prudence is now betrothed. She asks how it happened, if he compromised her. Prudence says no, but that it looked that way. Penelope asks if Portia sent her there. Prudence wonders if Lady Whistledown will write about it. She’s excited, but Penelope says it could ruin their family if she did. Prudence thinks Penelope is just jealous of her.

Kate is standing outside at night when Lady Danbury comes to her. Kate’s trying to let Edwina sleep because she’s been tossing and turning. Lady Danbury asks if she’s told Edwina about the strings attached to her inheritance. Kate says she hasn’t, but there’s no point. She fears Anthony won’t propose. She’s worried she’d ruined it because she and Anthony can’t get along. Lady Danbury tells her to be honest about why she’s getting in the way of what her family needs for survival and what Edwina wants. Kate says she doesn’t know what to do and Lady Danbury tells her there’s only one thing to do. She tells Kate to be honest with herself and her sister, tell Edwina how she feels, however she feels. Lady Danbury warns Kate to be careful.

Jack finds Portia in her room. She chastises him for walking in without knocking. He knows she arranged the whole scandal. She says she did what she had to do to secure her family’s future, but he says what she did secured herself a future of poverty. He admits that his mines are empty, so he was relying on Cressida’s considerable dowry to keep the family afloat. He paid Philippa’s dowry with a promise of payment and a counterfeit ruby necklace.

Penelope tells Colin they missed him at the ball. He says he wasn’t feeling up for it after visiting Marina. He tells Penelope that Marina is content. Penelope is glad to hear that. Maybe seeing Marina was what Colin needed to leave the past behind. Colin says Marina said she was content, but he can’t stop thinking about how hard they all were on her, including himself. Maybe things would have turned out differently for her without Lady Whistledown’s interference. But there’s no use dwelling on the past. He needs to look to the future.

The Bridgerton family gathers on the steps to watch their guests leave. Kate tells Edwina she’s sorry things didn’t go as planned. Edwina thinks Anthony’s feelings just aren’t there.

Anthony takes his mother’s ring out of the box.

As Edwina goes to get into the carriage, Kate says she has something to tell her. Before she can say anything, Anthony comes out and asks to speak to Edwina. He kneels and proposes to her. She accepts happily.

Daphne and Violet share a look as they watch the scene unfold.