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An Unthinkable Fate

Director: Tom Verica
Writers: Abby McDonald
Runtime: 59m
Filming locations: London, United Kingdom
Release date: March 25, 2022
Previous episode: Victory
Next episode: The Choice

Rattled by Anthony’s hasty nuptial plans, Kate receives advice from Lady Danbury. Eloise spars with a new ally. Emotions run high during a dinner party.

Episode Trivia
  • Title Drop: When Anthony and Kate are talking about being caught in the library, he says Daphne being the one to catch them spared them both “an unthinkable fate” of having to marry one another.
  • The scene of Anthony falling into the lake is partly an homage to the famous lake scene featuring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in TV mini-series Pride & Prejudice (1995). Rupert Vansittart, who plays Mr. Brookes in this episode, also portrayed Mr. Hurst in Pride & Prejudice.
  • Anthony Head (Lord Sheffield) and Rupert Young (Lord Featherington) starred in the BBC show Merlin, Head as King Uther Pendragon and Young as Sir Leon, one of the Knights of the Round Table.
  • Soundtrack includes a string arrangement of Alanis Morrisette’s “You Oughta Know”.
Episode Quotes

Anthony Bridgerton: Do you think that there is a corner of this Earth that you could travel to far away enough to free me from this torment? I am a gentleman. My father raised me to act with honor, but that honor is hanging by a thread that grows more precarious with every moment I spend in your presence. You are the bane of my existence. And the object of all my desires. Night and day, I dream of you. And what I… Do you even know all the ways a lady can be seduced? The things I could teach you.
Kate Sharma: I did not ask for this. To be plagued by these feelings. Hiding from my sister. Being driven to distraction every time you enter the room.
Anthony Bridgerton: Then you agree. It is insupportable.
Kate Sharma: Impossible.
Anthony Bridgerton: If I wed your sister, it will bind me and you together for eternity, and I will spend every day of my marriage wanting you, dreaming of you, dreading the day when my last thread of honor finally snaps. Is that the future that you want for us? For your sister?

Anthony Bridgerton: It is fine weather we are having, Miss Sharma, is it not?
Kate Sharma: You wish to speak to me of the weather?

Anthony Bridgerton: Nothing passed between us. I’m a gentleman.
Kate Sharma: Is that so?

Kate Sharma: Come now, it is not proper to stare.

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Episode Summary

Courtesy of Bridgerton Wiki | Kate struggles with the memories of being close to Anthony. Anthony walks past her, nodding in her direction, and goes to see Edwina, Mary, and Lady Danbury.

The queen asks Edwina and Anthony about their wedding plans. Anthony would like a modest family affair, perhaps back at Aubrey Hall. Edwina looks displeased. The queen says that won’t do and offers to host it herself. She credits herself with bringing the match together after all. Edwina is overjoyed at the idea of a large, fancy wedding. The Queen tells Brimsley she’ll oversee every detail and challenges Lady Whistledown to get the better of her. Kate is rattled when the queen calls it a true love match.

The delivery boys pass out the latest Whistledown.

Eloise and Penelope scoff as they pass Prudence, who is telling the other young ladies about her wedding plans. Eloise thinks they’re making too much of something so small. Penelope says that with Prudence being engaged, Portia has forgotten she exists. Penelope does admit that it’s nice that Jack has ensured her family’s future.

Mrs. Varley tells Portia about all the bills that are due. Portia is upset that Jack hasn’t restored their fortunes as he was meant to. Jack says it’s all her fault. If she hadn’t swindled him into an engagement, they’d be living comfortably on Cressida’s dowry soon enough. Portia says if he had confided his plans in her, it would have been easily avoided. Jack says she could call off the wedding and let him pursue Cressida once again, but Portia can’t do that to Prudence’s reputation. It’s too late. Portia will think of something.

Benedict looks around happily at his new art school. Rupert Norton welcomes him to the class. They watch as Tessa disrobes and poses for them.

Anthony complains that his cuffs are still an inch too short. Violet reminds him he still has a month to get everything to his liking. Gregory asks if Edwina will come live with them and Violet says she will after the wedding. Violet says yes, she’ll be the lady of the house. Anthony says even with the queen hosting the wedding, they still need to be prepared to entertain. Hyacinth asks if Kate will come live with them as well. Eloise would love to have another intelligent woman in the house. Violet asks for Eloise’s help planning some things, but Eloise makes an excuse of attending a lecture about flower arranging with Penelope.

Edwina stands on the platform as Genevieve adjusts her dress. Edwina speaks dreamily of having a big wedding to Kate, who is less enthused. Edwina wants Kate to have the best because the wedding was her doing. Whatever she said to Anthony clearly persuaded him to propose. Kate doesn’t want to claim credit. Edwina is excited to live in London. Edwina happily imagines having children with Anthony and Kate being their favorite aunt.

Prudence is upset that Edwina’s wedding will overshadow hers. They’re at the modiste to get her trousseau. While they’re distracted, Penelope asks Genevieve if her maid delivered the dress to be altered. Genevieve says yes, then quietly tells her it’s been a busy week. People are eager for the latest gossip. Genevieve wonders if Lady Whistledown could report that she’s been entrusted with the wedding ensemble. Penelope reminds her of what she’s already done for Genevieve’s business. Genevieve says it doesn’t have to be limited.

Kate returns to Lady Danbury’s and finds Anthony and Mr. Brookes, the jeweler, waiting. Mr. Brookes is there to alter the ring to fit Edwina. Kate says Edwina and Mary aren’t back yet. Mr. Brookes invites himself to have some cake and tea. Anthony paces and then makes awkward conversation about the weather. Kate is upset because she feels it’s inappropriate to go forward with the engagement with everything that’s happened between them. Anthony claims that nothing happened between them. Kate reminds him that if anyone other than Daphne had found them, they would be obliged to marry. He asks if that would be what she wants and she assures him it is not. Mr. Brookes looks up from his cake to ask if Kate and Edwina share gloves. If they do, he can use Kate’s hand for the measurements. Kate tries to argue, but it overruled. Anthony reluctantly hands Mr. Brookes the ring and he puts it on Kate’s finger. She looks down at it and admires it. Anthony says his father gave it to his mother before they married. He rubs his finger over it, but they pull apart when they hear someone approaching. It’s Edwina and Mary. Kate explains what they’re doing and struggles to remove the ring. Finally, she gets it off and hands it to Edwina. Lady Danbury comes in bearing the news that Lord and Lady Sheffield are in London. They heard about the engagement and want to meet Edwina and Anthony. Lady Danbury offers to invite them to the engagement dinner. After the plans are made, Anthony tells Edwina it is time to promenade. Mary claims a headache and asks Lady Danbury to chaperone. Lady Danbury says she and Kate will go, despite Kate’s objections.

Kate is upset that Lady Danbury invited the Sheffields to dinner. She wanted to save the reunion until after the wedding because Edwina still doesn’t know about the arrangement. Lady Danbury wonders if she secretly wants the engagement called off. In most people’s eyes, they’re as good as wed. Only a scandal could break them up now, the kind of scandal that could ruin her family. It would be foolish to jeopardize the marriage now. Lady Danbury asks if she’s a fool. Kate looks over at Edwina and Anthony and says no. Thomas Dorset approaches them and asks to walk with Kate. Lady Danbury accepts on her behalf. He apologizes for his lies at the races.

Edwina sees Kate and Dorset walking and says they make a lovely couple. She wonders if he might convince her sister to stay in England after all. Anthony watches Kate and says that they barely know each other, which surprises his mother, but Edwina says neither did they at first. As Violet and Edwina begin to talk about wedding colors, Anthony watches Dorset help Kate into a boat.

Penelope watches as Jack rows a boat with Prudence riding in it, calling attention to herself. Colin says Prudence seems happy. They talk about Jack’s mines and Colin suggests introducing himself. It might be time he tries to find purpose for his life. Penelope says he has plenty of time to make his mark. Penelope asks where Eloise is and Colin remembers her saying something about flower arranging with Penelope. Penelope covers for Eloise, saying they’re doing that later.

Eloise and her maid arrive. Eloise says she’s collecting a gift for her brother’s wedding. She runs away from her maid and enters the assembly rooms. She walks past two men discussing Locke and to a stage, where a woman is speaking on the stage. Eloise finds Theo as the woman talks about women not relying on their fathers and brothers for education. Theo is surprised to see Eloise there and thinks she’s there to ask about Lady Whistledown, but she’s really there to talk with like-minded individuals, something he had invited her to consider. They introduce themselves, but she already knows his name and wants to tell him about the errors in his arguments.

Kate finds being on the water refreshing and peaceful. The tranquility is one of the things Dorset enjoyed most about his time in India. She tells him about a river near where she grew up. She loved it and is counting the days until she can return home. Dorset is surprised that she’s not staying in England. She says she plans to become a governess. She sees that Anthony is watching her from the land. Dorset also notices Anthony watching her. Kate says she looks forward to living an independent life. Dorset suggests that he might visit her there and she says she’d be happy to show him around if he did.

Will thinks he should be working at the club, but Alice says they need more members and there are many potential members around. Jack stops them and says he heard about Will’s boxing prowess from America. Jack has been known to box himself, though not at the same level. Alice invites Jack to come to the club so they can talk about it more, though Will isn’t as willing to talk to him. Portia calls Jack away to talk to him privately.

Once they’re away from others, Portia reminds him that he needs to solve their predicament and going to the club won’t help. He says running up a bill at the modiste won’t help either.

Edwina tells Kate it’s nice to see her smiling and implies again that Kate should stay. Kate says the water isn’t a good enough reason as there’s water in India. Dorset would also like to get Kate to stay. Anthony sees the knot Dorset has tied and claims it won’t hold. He goes to fix it and then nudges Dorset out of the way, offering his hand to help Kate out of the boat instead of Dorset. After hesitating for a moment, she takes it. After she’s out of the boat, their hands linger until she pulls away. He is caught off guard, tripping over Newton and knocking himself and Dorset into the water. Anthony angrily removes his jacket and cravat, then climbs out of the water while Edwina and Kate stare.

Eloise comes down the stairs to find Penelope waiting to walk with her. She tries to tell Eloise what she missed at the lake, but Eloise already heard about it. Eloise claims she was occupied with wedding errands and has more to do today so she can’t walk with Penelope. After she goes, Penelope asks Eloise’s maid where she was yesterday, as she asked Penelope to retrieve the reticule she’d lost. The maid tells her it’s gone because they were in Bloomsbury, a bad part of town.

Jack finds Portia and Mrs. Varley sitting with Mr. Brookes, who is examining some jewelry. Jack tries to get Mr. Brookes to leave, but Portia brushes it off. Mr. Brookes looks closely at the necklace and says he’d need more proper tools to get an exact valuation, but advises her to take great care, implying it has significant value. Once he’s gone, Jack reminds Portia that the stones in that necklace are counterfeit. Portia says they’re good enough to fool Mr. Brookes, which means they’ll fool others. Jack hopes she knows what she’s doing. Portia says there’s no need to dismiss any staff, but Mrs. Varley reminds her that one necklace doesn’t make a fortune.

Benedict is walking at the art school and sees Tessa drawing in a room. He complements her drawing and introduces himself. She says that though two of the founding members are women, the only way she has access to the school is through her modeling. She offers for him to try it, saying it’s harder than it looks. He poses stiffly and she adjusts him. She sits down to draw and he asks how long he’ll have to stay like that. She says it depends, but what she really needs is a study of the male form, naked. Benedict stands and begins to take off his clothes.

Mary finds Kate outside enjoying the scenery. It reminds Mary of home. Kate sees Mary’s distress and tells her it’s okay to skip dinner with her parents, but Mary knows she can’t do that. She hasn’t see them since the night Kate’s father proposed. Lord Sheffield didn’t support the match, so she had to make a decision and she chose her heart. Kate asks if she ever regretted the choice. Mary says she and Kate’s father were always drawn together. It was powerful. She tells Kate not to worry, as even her parents’ presence can’t sour the celebration. She always hoped Kate and Edwina would never have to choose between affluence and love. And that’s happening because Edwina is marrying her heart’s desire and Kate gets the freedom she wants. Kate says they’ll all be perfectly happy.

Violet finds Anthony in his office working. She’s surprised by Lord and Lady Sheffield’s return. Violet says she’s been watching him and can’t stay silent any longer. She doesn’t like to see him marrying a woman he doesn’t seem to have affection for. Anthony says the love match she and Edmund had was the exception, not the rule. Violet just wants her children to know the joy of an exceptional marriage. He should be excited to get married, but he doesn’t seem to be. If it isn’t what he wants, he needs to stop it now. Anthony says he can’t dishonor Edwina by ending the engagement now. Violet says he can’t end it, but Edwina could. There would be no shame if she just changed her mind. Anthony says she doesn’t want to, but Violet thinks that’s because she doesn’t know Anthony’s true feelings. Violet encourages him not to set his doubts aside. It’s the most important choice he’ll ever make and it would break her heart to see him regret it. It would break his father’s heart as well.

Edwina and Kate get ready for dinner. Edwina sees that Kate is distracted, but Kate says it’s just a headache. Edwina worries that Kate and Anthony haven’t really put the animosity behind them, but Kate assures her they have. Edwina is excited to meet her grandparents. Kate has something to tell her first. Lady Danbury interrupts, coming in to say that their guests have arrived. Edwina goes to greet them, but Lady Danbury stops Kate and tells her that a life of independence is more than a consolation prize for getting the man she wants. Many would even think it the better prize. After passion cools, a woman is only left with herself.

Lady Danbury leads Kate into the room and makes introductions. Lord and Lady Sheffield are delighted to meet Edwina. They’ve been waiting so long to meet her and ask her about her interests. Things are colder between them and Mary. Edwina tells the Sheffields she enjoys opera and Kate got her into it, but they don’t acknowledge Kate’s presence. Lady Danbury suggests they all go through for dinner.

Lady Sheffield invites Edwina and Anthony to visit their home. Lord Sheffield invites Anthony to hunt birds there as well. Anthony accepts, saying he enjoys hunting. Edwina says Kate does as well, which Lady Sheffield finds unusual. Kate asks how long they’re planning to stay in town. They’re planning to stay for the wedding and are pleased that the queen is overlooking their family’s scandal. Lady Sheffield is still upset that Mary rejected the match they found for her. Violet and Lady Danbury try to change the subject, but Lady Sheffield continues to disparage Mary’s late husband and how she robbed them of their grandchild. Mary corrects that it’s grandchildren as she has two daughters, and they’ve had every opportunity to form a relationship with both of them. They chose to shun the family instead. Mary was heartbroken when they did so, but she came to accept it over time as the best outcome. They set her free to raise her daughters free from their judgment. Lady Sheffield then reveals the trust fund and dowry they have set up for Edwina, shocking Mary and Edwina. Edwina is shocked that Kate would not tell her the whole truth. Anthony, who has been getting noticeably angrier, won’t stand for Kate being insulted. He brings all conversation to a halt then tells the Sheffields it was probably their manners that had them exiled rather than Mary’s youthful disobedience. He won’t stand for the disrespect they’ve shown the Sharma family. He compliments Mary on the job she’s done raising her daughters and demands that the Sheffields leave at once. He also makes it clear they’re not invited to the wedding. The Sheffields are horrified, but get up to leave. Anthony then says he and his mother will also be leaving. Once they’re gone, Edwina leaves as well.

Kate runs after Anthony, begging to speak to him. He sends Violet home and stays to talk to Kate. She tells Anthony that Edwina had no idea of her grandparents’ financial promises. Anthony doesn’t doubt that, believing that Edwina was in the dark as much as he was about Kate’s schemes. Kate denies any scheming. Anthony restates that there will be no dowry without the Sheffields’ support. Kate says that’s his doing and is shocked that he cares. Anthony says it’s best to call off the engagement. His mother and Lady Danbury will make a plan to preserve Edwina’s reputation. Kate is upset at Anthony for even suggesting it. He’s been set on marrying her against Kate’s objections and now he’s casting her aside. Anthony says Kate has made the match impossible. India is not far enough away. Nowhere is far enough away to free him from his feelings for her. His father raised him to be honorable, but that’s hanging by a thread. She’s the bane of his existence and the object of his desires. He dreams of her night and day. He could teach her so many things about seduction. She says she didn’t ask to be plagued by such feelings and have to hide it from her sister. He cups her face, runs his fingers through her hair, and leans in closely, but pulls back before their lips touch. He says if he marries Edwina, it will bind them together forever. He’ll spend his whole marriage wanting Kate and dreaming of her. He asks if that’s the future she wants for them. He leaves without waiting for her answer.

Prudence is upset to be sitting around. She wants to show off her new fiancé at a ball. Portia calls to Mrs. Varley and checks that she hasn’t overlooked an invitation for the evening. Penelope suggests it might be the engagement that has them on the outs again.

Portia goes to Jack and tells them that haven’t had a single invitation since coming back from the country. They’re meant to be a distinguished family. They can’t end the engagement, but they must do something. Jack tells her that several of the men want to invest in his mines. She tells him to take their money, even though the minds are worthless. If all the men invest, that will give them the money they need.

Kate finds Edwina sitting up at night. Edwina felt like something was off and now she knows for sure. She feels betrayed that Kate didn’t tell her what she knew about the Sheffields. Kate says she thought she was doing the right thing to take care of their family. Edwina still thinks Kate should have told her, because she is not a child, but a woman old enough to marry. If Anthony still wishes to marry her, however, it won’t matter that they won’t have the Sheffields’ money. Anthony is kind and would surely provide for Mary and Kate as well. Kate says it shouldn’t be her burden but Edwina doesn’t see it as a burden to marry the man she loves. Kate asks if Edwina loves him and she says she does because he defended their family so nobly. She wants nothing more than to be a wife and to be a viscountess. He just has to forgive them. She asks Kate if he will. Kate’s not sure.

Eloise exits her carriage and says she won’t be long. She finds Theo and asks him about the writings in the pamphlet. As they banter back and forth, Penelope secretly watches from a distance.

Kate rides her horse alone.

A nude Benedict kisses Tessa. She pushes him back onto the bed, then disrobes and climb on top of him.

Anthony soaks in a tub.

Kate stops her horse and climbs down. As she waits for him, Anthony appears on his horse. Neither of them was able to sleep. Kate asks if he’s decided what to do. Anthony says he sees there’s only one choice. He’ll talk to Edwina and end things. Then there’s no need for them ever to see each other again. Kate says he can’t break her sister’s heart like that. She couldn’t live with herself if she robbed her sister of happiness. She begs him to keep his word and marry her as soon as he can. The feeling between them will pass. She calls Anthony by his first name for the first time. He says he’ll see that the wedding takes place as soon as possible and rides away from her. Once he’s gone, she starts to cry.