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The Choice

Director: Tom Verica
Writers: Lou-Lou Igbokwe
Runtime: 1h 9m
Filming locations: London, United Kingdom
Release date: March 25, 2022
Previous episode: Off to the races
Next episode: Victory

Anthony’s duty to his family wars with his desire for Kate. Edwina ponders her future — and impresses the queen. Eloise’s rendezvous stirs suspicion.

Episode Trivia
  • In the book, it doesn’t even come close to a wedding between Edwina and Anthony. In fact Anthony and Kate get betrothed after getting caught in a promiscuous position after the bee sting happens.
  • Edwina wears a white dress during the wedding, even though that wasn’t the standard colour for wedding dresses until it was popularized by Queen Victoria. However, that doesn’t mean no bride ever wore white at the time. The first documented use of a white dress for a bride was in 1406, more than 400 years before Queen Victoria’s wedding. More importantly, this series has never presented itself as 100% historically accurate.
Episode Quotes

Kate Sharma: What I mean to say is that true love is something else entirely. It is when the rest of the world goes quiet. It is not eyes that meet but souls that dance. Settle into each other. Make room for each other until there is nowhere else to hide.

Kate Sharma: You cannot be here.
Anthony Bridgerton: Miss Sharma…
Kate Sharma: This is my place of refuge.
Anthony Bridgerton: A closet?

Kate Sharma: Edwina, you are my sister….
Edwina Sharma: Half-sister.

Kate Sharma: So forgive me if it is now my wish… to suspend time. To delay the inevitable. To for a mere moment, not to think of what comes next. To wait.

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Episode Summary

Courtesy of Bridgerton Wiki | The queen examines the choices for the wedding and makes her selections. A peacock wrangler shows her the bird. She asks if it flies and he says it does some, which doesn’t amuse her.

Brimsley tells the queen that the fireworks are timed to go off right as they say I Do. The queen says to make it bigger, longer, and brighter than what he has planned. She sees servants walking around and says she asked for the king’s wing to be closed off for the day. She doesn’t want anyone ended up up there. Brimsley assures her it will happen, but also notes that the king was in good spirits.

The queen asks Brimsley if everything is in place for their other plan. He says yes, every young lady still suspected of being Whistledown will have a footman assigned to watch her every move. The queen suggests he put forth false rumors so they’ll know the origin if Whistledown prints them. Brimsley likes that idea. The queen thinks this will finally be how she catches Whistledown.

Edwina sits for her Haldi ceremony. As Kate and Mary work, Edwina tells them how excited she is to be getting married. Mary assures her she’s ready, though Edwina’s nervous because Anthony moved the ceremony up. Mary tells her that Anthony adores her, which is clear because of how he courted her devotedly.

Anthony, Benedict, and Colin drink and play pool at Will’s club. Anthony laments having to fulfill his duties while they have more freedom to explore their interests.

Edwina wishes she could be certain that Anthony truly loves her, because he doesn’t look at her. Kate tells her looks aren’t everything. True love is more than that. It’s when the rest of the world goes quiet.

Anthony assures his brothers that almost everything will be the same after he gets married. Benedict and Colin tease him about having children with the same personality he has.

Edwina takes some haldi and spreads in on Kate, saying it will help her find her own partner to make the world go quiet.

Benedict toasts to Kate, the gatekeeper. Anthony drinks more.

Edwina wishes Anthony were with them, but Kate says he has his own wedding traditions to perform.

Colin toasts to Anthony besting Kate. Anthony drinks more.

Mrs. Varley hangs a necklace around Prudence’s neck while Portia critiques her posture. Jack comes in as Portia says he’s the owner of the necklace she’s borrowing for the evening. It’s heavy because it’s valuable, Portia says, when Prudence complains about the weight. Portia steps toward Jack. They’ve planned for the necklace to draw people’s attention, which will lead to the men approaching Jack about investing in his mines. Jack enjoys Portia’s confidence.

Genevieve brings a dress box to Penelope, telling her she’s made the alterations she requested. Genevieve is taking a risk meeting Penelope in her home, but it’s urgent. Penelope asks what Genevieve knows about Theo. Even the name is more than Genevieve knew. Genevieve realizes there’s more going on and doesn’t want to jeopardize her business by getting involved. Penelope says her business hinges on it just as much. Portia comes down the stairs, questioning Genevieve’s presence. Genevieve pretends she just got confused and meant to deliver the box to the Bridgertons. She takes the box and leaves.

Kate pulls out two bracelets for Edwina. They belonged to Kate’s mother, who wore them on her wedding day. She saved them for Kate, but Kate brought them to England for Edwina. She offers them to Edwina to wear.

Hyacinth chases Gregory, who has taken her ribbon. Violet tells them to stop because they need to look presentable for the wedding. She wonders why no one seems ready for the wedding. Colin is lying down, rubbing his eyes and asks her to be quiet. Violet tells Benedict to undo whatever he’s done to his brother. Benedict hands him a flask, saying there’s no aftereffects if you just keep drinking. Eloise wonders what would happen if he used his powers for good. Violet sends Benedict to check on Anthony, but before he can, Anthony walks in, dressed and ready. Violet seems concerned, while Anthony leads the family out.

Guests mingle before the wedding. Lady Danbury and Violet greet each other. They haven’t spoken since the dinner with the Sheffields. Violet knows there’s something Lady Danbury isn’t telling her.

Penelope walks up to Colin and Eloise. They talk about how opulent the wedding is. It’s even fancier than Daphne’s and Daphne married a duke. Colin is surprised that Eloise and Penelope still get along when they’re so different. As an example, he says that Penelope has sense. Eloise and Penelope talk about Lady Whistledown and Eloise suggests that Whistledown could speak of people beyond the ton who are worthy of attention. Penelope is worried that she’s still visiting Theo. Eloise says she’s heeded Penelope’s advice, but admits that she visited Theo again anyway. She’s only interested in his thoughts, so it’s not scandalous. It’s friendship, nothing more.

Benedict is helping Anthony get ready when Daphne came in. She’s late because she had doubts it would go forward. She thinks Edwina deserves to know the truth. Benedict is confused, but Anthony just excuses him. Once he’s gone, Anthony says he’s gone too far to turn back now. It would ruin Edwina and scandalize their own family. Daphne asks about Kate and Anthony says she has her own plans that don’t include Anthony. They’ve decided there can’t be anything more between them. Daphne asks if he ever wonders what their father would say on days like these. Edmund was the only one Anthony truly respected. Anthony says Daphne couldn’t know what Edmund would say as he was different with Anthony than he was with Daphne. Daphne saw the way Anthony changed when their father died. He never cried once and stopped laughing. He became a different person. Anthony says he had no choice. He had to take care of the family. He can’t indulge himself with things like following his heart and love. Daphne says he can still choose to be happy. He says he fights for the family he has, not the one he wants. She can never understand because she doesn’t have to answer to anyone else. Daphne is sad for him. His decisions just make his family pity him, not respect him.

Mary admires Edwina’s beauty in her wedding dress. Edwina then tells Kate she can’t wear the bracelets. She wouldn’t feel right when they were meant for Kate. She wants Kate to wear them instead and puts them on her wrists. A maid comes and tells them it’s time. Mary says it’s time to show the ton who they really are.

Anthony enters the wedding. He bows to the queen and then stands at the altar. He watches open-mouthed as Kate walks down the aisle. Kate and Anthony briefly look at each other, then break eye contact to watch Mary escort Edwina down the aisle. Anthony compliments Edwina, and then the archbishop starts the wedding. While he talks, Anthony’s gaze moves to Kate and everyone else fades away from his mind.

He pictures himself and Kate in an empty church marrying each other.

The archbishop calls Anthony’s attention to him. Edwina then notices he was looking at her sister and not paying attention to the wedding. It’s time for him to repeat his vows. Kate’s bracelet falls off when she fidgets with it. Anthony steps off the altar, reaches down and puts it back in her hand. They step back up to continue the wedding, but Edwina stops them and runs out, followed by Mary and then Kate. The queen is upset. The firework show starts outside.

Mary tells Edwina it’s just nerves. Edwina says that’s not it. She wants the truth. She knows Kate has feelings for Anthony. Kate tries to deny it, but Edwina knows. She’s angry that Kate has kept something from her. Mary consoles Edwina and sends Kate away.

Kate sees the Bridgerton brothers coming upstairs, so she hides in a closet and throws the bracelets to the floor.

Violet asks if what happened is because of the dinner with the Sheffields. Benedict is sure that Edwina will come to her senses. The siblings speculate on what might have happened. Anthony says he needs a minute and walks out. Violet realizes that Daphne knows something and demands that Daphne tell her.

The queen looks at the king’s portrait. Lady Danbury tells her the failed wedding isn’t her fault, but she knows Lady Whistledown will blame her. Her words carry too much weight. Lady Danbury says the wedding might not be salvageable. The queen reminds her that she vouched for the family, that she wouldn’t have put so much effort into Edwina without Lady Danbury’s endorsement. Lady Danbury offers to try to do something. The queen tells Brimsley to escort the guests to the gardens and not to let anyone leave. The wedding will resume shortly.

The guests are shown outdoors. Penelope listens to Lady Cowper and a Judgy Mama as they gossip about Edwina and why she left the wedding. Lord Fife and Lord Cho are unhappy at how this might affect their own seasons.

Portia tells Jack that this is fortuitous for them, as the ton comes alive with scandal. Jack wants to redirect everyone’s attention. They see Prudence nearby, mimicking the movements of a living statue. Portia tells her she needs to show off the necklace.

Eloise tells Penelope she’s been thinking about Theo. Eloise thought it was just an intellectual bond, but what if he feels more? Penelope asks if Eloise wants that. Eloise says it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t know what he’s feeling. Penelope warns Eloise of the consequences of marrying below one’s station. Eloise just wants to know what he’s feeling. She can accept that some mysteries, she may never solve, but this one, she wants to know. She believes she’ll be relieved as not knowing is torture. Eloise asks if Penelope has ever felt something like that. Penelope says no, but looks over at Colin.

Anthony goes to see Edwina. Mary answers the door and lets him in. He asks if it’s merely a delay or if she’s not going through with the wedding. Edwina says she’s still thinking about it and tells Anthony she doesn’t want to hear any more lies. Anthony says he’s intent on going through with it, despite any interference. Edwina wonders if he wants her or just the marriage. He says he’s never wavered. Their roles align, him as viscount and her as the diamond. That’s why he never gave up on her, despite all the obstacles. She asks if he loves her. He says that he understands and sympathizes with her. They can’t escape their roles, but once they’re married, they can face them together. Edwina asks what role Kate will play between them in the future. Anthony says she’ll have no place in their future. She’s returning to India after the wedding and they’ll be free of her. She just has to decide to marry him. Edwina knows it will be a scandal if the wedding doesn’t go forward, but that’s not reason enough for her. She needs a moment to think about her future as she imagines it. Anthony leaves so she can do that.

Kate dries her tears and gets up to retrieve the thrown bracelets. She puts them back on her wrists and steps out into the hall. When she sees Anthony, she runs away, but he follows her. She tells him he can’t be there in her place of refuge. He says they need to talk. He wants Kate to step in with Edwina, but Kate says Edwina is now wise to his scheming. Kate is proud of her for standing up for herself and what she believes in. She feels she’s ruined Edwina’s life. She tries to leave, but Anthony grabs her hand and tells her to wait while he looks into her eyes. After a few moments, she pulls away and leaves.

Violet finds Lady Danbury and questions why she’s hiding away from the guests. Lady Danbury needs time for self-reflection. Lady Danbury apologizes for not sharing what she knew with Violet. Things have gotten out of hand. Violet says Daphne has now confirmed something Violet feared for some time, something she’s sure Lady Danbury has seen as well. Lady Danbury says the queen wants her to fix things. For the first time in her life, she doesn’t know what to do. The two women laugh. Violet suggests telling the queen there’s nothing she can do. Lady Danbury would rather offer her hand to a peacock. As they stop laughing, Violet asks if she thinks Edwina will return to the altar. Lady Danbury says only Edwina can answer that.

Kate goes to see Edwina, who is short with her. Despite her anger, she lets Kate into the room. The maids leave them alone. Kate says she never meant to hurt Edwina, but regrets not telling her everything. She admits to having feelings for Anthony, but says they were nothing to her feelings for Edwina. Her feelings for him don’t matter. Edwina says that Anthony said the same thing and she wonders if they prepared it ahead of time. Edwina wonders why she should be the one to marry Anthony instead of Kate. Kate says she promised not to consider herself until Mary and Edwina were cared for. She did it without regret and would do it again. She’s still doing it. Edwina isn’t sure if it hurts more to be betrayed or pitied. Kate doesn’t see it as either, but Edwina minimizes their relationship and says, as a grown woman, she can make her own decisions. She’s imagined her life as viscountess. If she chooses to do that, it’ll be for herself only. It will have nothing to do with Kate.

Prudence is mimicking the living statue again. Nearby, Brimsley plants a rumor within Cressida’s hearing range that Edwina called off the wedding because she wasn’t pleased by the simple honeymoon Anthony had planned. Cressida immediately leaves to go spread the gossip, which Brimley writes in his book.

Jack pretends he doesn’t want to discuss business as the other gentlemen ask him about his mines. Lord Goring wants to know if they’re as profitable as he’s heard. Jack says he wouldn’t have gone across the Atlantic otherwise. If there’s interest, he can send word to his men in Georgia. Will asks if the men work for him. Jack says they do, which confuses Will, because if they do, the investment should be his and he shouldn’t have to send word. Jack says he just needs to latest report of what they’re finding in the mines. Jack then asks Will about his club. He wonders what a boxer knows about running a business. The others laugh, but Will just says it’s as much as a gentleman knows about mining. Portia signals to Jack, so he excuses himself.

Portia leads Jack into an empty hall and asks if he’s come to any agreements. He says he’s almost there. She reminds him that time is of the essence. She thinks about who would be best for him to target. There are many families. The Bridgertons are not on the list. Jack says they have a promising partnership because he sees Portia’s worth. His late cousin didn’t. Portia says they need to get back outside before someone notices they’ve gone.

Violet thanks the queen for throwing the wedding. The queen isn’t interested unless the wedding is going forward. It cannot fail. Lady Danbury struggles to express herself, which is unusual. She finally says they’ve agreed that it’s up to Edwina to decide. Edwina then comes in with Mary. They try to flatter her, but she just wants to know if Edwina will marry Anthony. The king comes in suddenly, asking about the fireworks. He loved them and asks if there will be more. The queen calls for someone to assist him. He thinks he’s late to the ceremony and apologizes for keeping him waiting. Some footmen try to escort him away, but he pulls out of their grasp. Edwina steps in and consoles him, encouraging him to go rest before the wedding. He allows the footmen to lead him away. The queen follows him out.

Penelope talks to Colin, who is still drinking from his flask. She tells him she’s certain he’ll find his purpose someday. She’s still looking for hers as well. She knows it will challenge her and propel her forward. It’ll set her free. He wonders what could measure up to that. She has grand dreams. Penelope acknowledges that they’re fantasies, but she thinks they need those so they can face reality. Colin realizes Marina was right about Penelope. She said Penelope cares for Colin and would never forsake him. He’s starting to believe that. They see a footman start to cut the cake and Colin goes to get some.

Penelope spots Eloise, who is trying to leave to go see Theo. No one will notice because everyone’s worried about Anthony and Edwina. Penelope tries to stop her from leaving. Eloise asks her not to tell anyone. She only told Penelope because they’re friends and she doesn’t want secrets to come between them. As they separate, a footman watches Eloise.

The queen finds Edwina admiring a necklace and asks if she likes it. It’s the one the queen wore for the king’s golden jubilee. She hands it to Edwina, then tells her she chose Edwina because she made an impression. She still can, even after everything that has happened, and everything Edwina has witnessed, even in private. Edwina says she merely witnessed the love the king and queen have for each other and won’t be discussing it. The queen talks about the physical form of things offering permanence. The same isn’t true of love. Love changes. Edwina wonders how you make that choice. The queen can’t tell her that. Even as queen, she has to let people decide what to do in the face of true love. It’s the hardest and greatest choice you can make.

A footman brings a note to Anthony. He reads it and moves to leave.

Another footman brings a note to Kate. She reads her and also leaves.

Anthony and Kate meet back at the church. Each of them believes the other sent word to them. Edwina then comes in and says she’s made her decision. She can’t marry Anthony. He can’t give her what she wants and deserves. She doesn’t know what love feels like, but she knows what it isn’t. Marrying him would mean betraying herself. He’ll never love her the way he loves Kate. Edwina then tells Kate that Kate gave Edwina everything that Kate wanted for herself, instead of what Edwina wanted. She didn’t ask for any of it. What she’s leaving behind today is Kate’s loss. Everything was just borrowed from Kate. Edwina has made up her own mind. She walks out.

Lady Wallace, Lady Cowper, and the judgy mama gossip about Edwina. Lady Cowper suggests Edwina might have discovered something about Anthony that the others might want to know. Violet overhears this conversation. Daphne walks to her mother and starts to escort her home.

Eloise goes to Theo, who knows she has something to ask him. She says she wants to share her thoughts. When she reads something new, she often thinks about him. She always wants to talk to him about her thoughts. She wants to know if he also thinks about her. Theo goes back inside the print shop and comes back out with a stack of books he’s read. He set them aside for her to read and discuss with him. She takes the books from him. From a distance, the queen’s footman watches them.

The queen sits by the king’s bedside as he sleeps. Brimsley tells her they know the name of Lady Whistledown. He hands her a note.

Anthony and Kate stand in the empty church. Kate says they should leave. Anthony says Edwina is braver and wiser than the two of them. She acted on what she sensed between them, while they stand still. Kate says the moment they step foot outside, they have to face the truth of their failures. They have failed their duties. She wants to delay that for a moment longer. She says goodbye to Anthony, but then steps forward and he kisses her. They kiss for a while before Kate pulls back and they look at each other, holding hands.