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Director: Cheryl Dunye
Writers: Oliver Goldstick
Runtime: 59m
Filming locations: London, United Kingdom
Release date: March 25, 2022
Previous episode: The Choice
Next episode: The Viscount Who Loved Me

Scandalous rumors swirl around the Bridgertons and the Sharmas. The queen’s ire over Lady Whistledown lands Eloise and Penelope in a quandary.

Episode Trivia
  • In the book Kate’s accident was different. Kate and Anthony were already married when she, Edwina and Edwina’s suitor got into a carriage with Newton. Newton caused the carriage to overturn. Anthony was trying to find Kate to tell her he loved her, saw the accident and raced to help.
  • Goof: When Anthony and Kate starts making out, he tries to touch between her thighs and her thighs are bare. However, later when he undresses her, she’s revealed to wear a boyshort panty with fringe and a white pantyhose that her thigh skins are barely visible before he eventually removes it.
  • Title Drop: Violet says it when speaking to her children about the upcoming ball. It is also repeated, as it’s the theme of the ball she’s throwing.
  • The ball in this episode takes place on July 25, 1814 according to the dance cards.
Episode Quotes

Anthony Bridgerton: Can you ever just agree? You have been like this from the moment we first met in those woods. Obstinate, inflexible, unyielding to good, plain common sense.
Kate Sharma: Well, I can certainly understand why that would be so troubling for a man like you. A man used to always getting his way. A man used to giving orders…
Anthony Bridgerton: I do not give orders.
Kate Sharma: You give me orders and you expect me to listen. I do not…
Anthony Bridgerton: Well, perhaps you should.
Kate Sharma: I shall never listen to you! Or to anyone I wholeheartedly disagree with!

Anthony Bridgerton: It is maddening, how much you consume my very being. My family is on the brink of ruin. I am nearly certain every last one of my brothers and sisters secretly despise me. My own mother, at that. Despite the fact I have lived the better part of my life for them. And yet still, all I find myself thinking about, all I find myself being able to breathe for… is you. Do you think that I want to be in this position? Contending with these thoughts of wanting to be nowhere except with you. Wanting to run away with you. Of acting on the most impure, forbidden desires, no matter… how much I must remind myself I am a gentleman, and you are a lady. Of that… …of that scent. It has remained imprinted on my mind ever since the night of the conservatory ball on that terrace.

Kate Sharma: Oh, here we go. Enthrall me with your self-knowledge and awareness.

Lady Danbury: Besides, the ton has a remarkably short memory. With any luck, by this time next week, there will be a bigger story for them to sink their rapacious teeth into. We may find you a husband this season still, Miss Edwina.
Kate Sharma: I give credit to your imagination, Lady Danbury. A bigger story I cannot foresee.

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Episode Summary

Courtesy of Bridgerton Wiki | The delivery boys distribute the latest Whistledown papers. People all around the ton read her take on the cancelled wedding. The queen is among the readers. In front of her as she reads are the cards containing the possible candidates for Lady Whistledown’s true identity. Upon reading the paper, the queen shoves them off her table and asks Brimsley to arrange for her carriage.

Anthony lies awake in bed.

Kate is also awake and remembering Anthony’s kisses. Kate’s thoughts are interrupted by a maid telling her the baths are ready.

Kate, Edwina, and Mary bathe in silence; just as Kate is opening her mouth to say something, Edwina says she’s finished. She wraps herself in a towel and leaves. Mary tells Kate to try the lily soap, as it’s good for nerves. Kate dips lower into her bath.

When Violet asks where Anthony is, Colin jokes that he’s probably still waiting at the altar for Edwina. Violet orders no mockery for the day, though Gregory says Hyacinth mocks him daily. Eloise thinks there’s a benefit to the wedding being cancelled, but before she can say more, Anthony comes in. Violet tells him they need to act quickly to limit the damage to their family’s reputation. Eloise is shocked that there’s so much scandal over a woman changing her mind. Violet says they just need to work through the consequences and suggests that it’s time for a promenade, all of them together, to show they’re a united front. All her children object, but she insists. Anthony says they’ll leave within the hour. Eloise says she’ll be a bit late because she needs to go shopping for a new pair of gloves.

Eloise leaves, telling her maid she won’t need her heavy cloak where she’s going shopping. She’s stopped when the queen’s carriage pulls up in front of their home.

Lady Danbury reminds Mary, Kate, and Edwina to say that it was a mutual agreement between Anthony and Edwina if people ask. They greet Lord Fife as they pass him. Edwina asks if pretending nothing happened is really their plan. Mary says they’re choosing to deal with it privately. Lady Danbury says the ton has a short memory, so with luck, by next week, they’ll be on to something else. They might still find Edwina a husband. Kate can’t imagine anything being a bigger story.

As the Bridgertons promenade, the other families avoid or ignore them. Anthony tries to speak to Cordelia Patridge, but she’s whisked away by Lady Patridge, who says they’ll be late for the Gorings by way of excusing themselves. Anthony sees the Sharmas at a distance and makes eye contact with Kate, who shakes her head. Portia, Prudence, Jack, and Penelope come up behind their family and Portia expresses her shock that the Bridgertons are out in public so soon after a scandal. Portia says she never thought they would recover from Marina and Colin’s broken engagement, but they have. She wishes Violet good fortune. As they walk away, Penelope hangs back to express her sincere condolences.

Eloise is nervous to be in the queen’s carriage. The queen asks why she was visiting the printer’s shop in the middle of what was meant to be Anthony’s wedding. She’s convinced that Eloise is Lady Whistledown. Eloise tries to deny it, but the queen says that will only worsen her punishment. She recruited Eloise last season to find Lady Whistledown and Eloise failed. Eloise was rarely mentioned in the pages. She has a great distaste for society, like Lady Whistledown. She has power and could be a strategic ally for the Crown. Eloise says she would be glad to help, but she holds no such power as she’s not Lady Whistledown. The queen takes that as Eloise deciding to be her rival instead. Once the queen reveals her secret, people will seek their revenge against her. It’ll be much worse for her family than the failed wedding. The queen can solve that problem and gives Eloise three days to reconsider. If she doesn’t, the queen will crush her.

As they continue their walk, Violet greets Lady Cowper, but goes ignored.

Lady Danbury tries to engage Lady Eaton, but gets no acknowledgement.

Violet calls out to Lord Hall, but is again ignored.

Lord Cho ignores Lady Danbury’s call.

At her own home, Lady Danbury expresses anger that Lord Cho ignored her, especially in light of his own recent scandal. Violet says at least now they know what they’re dealing with. Mary says they can’t run now. Lady Danbury says they need to change how the ton sees them before it becomes permanent. Mary suggests putting out a different story about why things ended, but Lady Danbury says they can’t change what they’ve already said. Violet suggests acting as though it’s of no consequence to them. She and Lady Danbury decide to throw a ball. It’ll prove to the ton that it really was a mutual decision by all parties and there’s no ill will between the two families. Anthony and Kate wholeheartedly disagree. Mary says a ball would give Edwina another chance to find a suitor. Anthony doesn’t want to give the ton another chance to gawk at them. Once Edwina sees Kate and Anthony are in agreement, she changes her mind. She states that a says a ball might work because Anthony and Kate have done so well keeping their true feelings hidden so far. Lady Danbury, Violet and Mary all have expressions that indicate they disagree. Newton comes in and runs up to Anthony, barking and pawing at his knees which Violet smiles at. Kate apologizes and shoos Newton out. This leaves Anthony and Kate close together and Edwina finally sees what she’s been missing. Violet and Lady Danbury say that in order for it to work, Kate and Anthony will have to stay on opposite sides of the room at all times. Violet says only the people in the room know the full truth and it needs to stay that way. Kate and Anthony agree to their terms. Anthony leaves the room and Violet follows.

Violet stops Anthony on the stairs and asks if he has a problem with the plan. He promises to play his part. She asks what he’ll do after that, as their plan is only a temporary solution. If it works, the rumors of scandal will die. But he still has no one to marry. Anthony reminds Violet that the family line doesn’t end with him. Violet asks if he’s really intending to rely on his brothers. He asks if she needs him to admit he made a mistake, that he never should have asked Edwina to marry him. He already knows that. He knows he’s failed, but says the plan will work. She and Lady Danbury will make sure of it.

Eloise throws the Whistledown pamphlets down onto her bed then flops on top of them. Penelope comes in and is shocked that Eloise has every issue saved. Eloise says she actually has two copies of each one. Then she tells Penelope the queen thinks she’s Lady Whistledown. She has three days to confess before the queen ruins her and her family. She needs to get rid of the pamphlets as they’re evidence of her guilt. Penelope says it’s a mistake and they’ll find a way to convince the queen. Eloise admits that one of the queen’s footmen saw her visiting Theo, which is why the queen thinks it’s her. She should have listened to Penelope, but now she must have put Theo in harm’s way. She wants to go warn him, but Penelope stops her, saying she needs to stay away from Theo and the print shop. Penelope suggests she wait until the next issue comes out. Then she’ll have proof it wasn’t her.

Penelope goes to see Genevieve late at night. She says it’s urgent.

Genevieve is shocked that the queen is involved. Penelope says she’s felt threatened by Whistledown for a while. She’s questioned the queen’s taste and judgment. Genevieve is nervous, but Penelope reminds her that their arrangement is mutually beneficial. She knew there were risks. But now the queen is involved. Penelope hopes that Genevieve has something that can give the queen the praise and admiration she wants. Penelope doesn’t have anything. Eloise is in trouble because of her and she doesn’t know what to do. Genevieve suggests turning herself in. Penelope isn’t sure she could convince the queen. Penelope looks at the drawing Genevieve has on the wall of her designs and says they’re beautiful. She wants to submit them to a revered house of dressmakers in France, but that might be out of the question because of her involvement with Penelope. Penelope promises to protect Genevieve’s name. She gets up to leave, apologizing for disturbing Genevieve. Before she leaves, Genevieve suggests that Penelope could write something about Eloise that she would never write about herself, to prove that it’s not her. Penelope says she couldn’t do that to her friend.

People mingle around the art academy. Anthony comes in. Benedict gets up when he sees Anthony, surprised to see him. Anthony says the academy is different from what he pictured. Benedict offers him a drink, but Anthony wants to go someplace quieter. Benedict says it’s a party and hands him a drink. He’s upset that Anthony is admonishing him for being intoxicated. He reminds Benedict that he has a duty to the family, even though he’s the second son. Benedict knows it’s because of Anthony and Kate. They’ve all seen it. Benedict encourages him to stop punishing himself. He just need to change his perspective. If Benedict doesn’t like what he sees in his art, he can change his color palette, rather than tossing the whole thing aside. He encourages Anthony to do the same with his life. Anthony asks if he’s using drugs again, then leaves.

Anthony approaches and offers a bundle of flowers to each Mary, Kate, and Edwina. Edwina gives him the cut indirect and immediately hands hers to a footman. Violet reminds Edwina that they need to appear to enjoy each other’s company before they send out the invitations. They all go inside together. As Kate passes him, Anthony pauses for a moment to inhale her scent and smiles, which Lady Danbury admonishes him for.

People watch as they walk around the gallery. Violet tells them not to be deterred, as others will be able to put the wedding behind them if they can. As they walk, Anthony asks Mary’s forgiveness for not apologizing sooner, but she says men always take time to realize their blame in such matters. He says he never meant to cause problems for her family. Mary says some of it is her fault. She should have taken over after her husband died, instead of letting it fall to Kate. She’s sacrificed too much for them. Anthony looks shocked. Mary greets Lady Hood, who responds in the same way and also acknowledges Anthony’s presence. Anthony watches for Kate.

Will looks around at his almost empty club. Jack comes in and orders a brandy. He’s upset not to receive a warm welcome. He was hoping to hear about Will’s past in boxing. It was never his thing. Will say it’s not for everyone. It requires a strong stomach and jaw. Jack’s heard that the late Lord Featherington was a fan of Will’s. Will says he wasn’t aware of that, because he was always focused on his matches. Jack says his cousin kept record of all his debts and wagers. He looks at Will knowingly and says he came across a significant one. Will won’t defend himself and Jack doesn’t expect him to. Jack says baseless accusations wouldn’t be good for either of them and Will’s business is already struggling.

Theo hears the door opening and, without looking up, says the master printer is gone for the day, so whoever it is will have to return. It’s Eloise. Theo is shocked to see her, as he knows the queen’s people have been looking closely at him. He was almost thrown out. Eloise says that’s her fault. The queen saw Eloise visiting and now thinks she’s Lady Whistledown. Theo is upset that she thought it was smart to come back. Eloise came to see if Theo was okay and to get their story straight. Theo’s not surprised, because she’s never endured difficulty in her life. She has her family’s protection, but he doesn’t. He thinks it best that she return to Mayfair so she doesn’t get him into more trouble. Eloise quickly leaves.

Kate is looking at a sculpture when Edwina comes up next to her, telling her that Margaret Goring and Cressida Cowper both believe the wedding was cancelled due to a mutual decision. Edwina must be a good liar, something else Kate seems to have taught her. Kate asks what she’ll have to do to get Edwina’s forgiveness. She only cares about Edwina’s happiness and hates that she’s destroyed it. Edwina remembers the stories Kate used to read to her about love and happy endings. She asks if Kate ever believed in that. Kate says she did, because she saw it in their father and Edwina’s mother. Edwina says that ended in tragedy because happy endings don’t exist in real life.

Anthony sees Edwina walking away and walks toward Kate. He stands on the other side of the sculpture from her and says he’s been looking for a way to have a moment alone with her so they can talk, though she says they have nothing to talk about. She denies that anything happened between them. He was her sister’s intended. There’s no way they could have kissed. He’s incredulous to see her denying it. She admits it, but says that what they did was terrible and they should be ashamed.

Lady Cowper greets Violet and Lady Danbury. She’s surprised to see them there. Lady Danbury says her family has their own room there. She gestures to The Danbury Wing. Lady Eaton says it’s nice to see them. She thought they’d need respite after a strenuous week. Violet says on the contrary, she’s hosting a ball soon. She asks if they haven’t received an invitation. Violet says she’ll see if there’s still room, as they’re expecting a full house.

Penelope sits at her table with a quill. She dips it in ink, but can’t write anything.

Penelope overhears Jack talking to Colin. Colin spots her in the doorway and says he’s interested in Jack’s mines after seeing the necklace Penelope wore to the wedding. Jack asks for some time to consider Colin’s proposal. Colin awaits his response and asks Penelope to see him out.

Penelope didn’t realize Colin was interested in investing. Colin didn’t either until now. It’s a lot to risk, but he’s tempted. He could make a name for himself as Jack’s partner. And the profits will benefit both their families. Their relationship has formed so naturally, one could take it for granted. She’s been a constant, loyal presence. She doesn’t believe she deserves such praise. Colin asks if she could keep the investment a secret, even from Eloise, because he doesn’t want Anthony to know. Before Penelope can answer, Portia come down the stairs. She’s surprised to see Colin, who says he was just leaving.

Portia reminds Jack that they established who was an okay target for his scam. Jack says he tried to dissuade Colin, but he was persistent despite his family’s situation. Portia says he’s trying to get an agreement in place before everyone stops associating with his family. Mrs. Varley brings in several invitations for them. Portia happily looks at them.

Mrs. Wilson tells Violet the invitations are ready to be distributed. Violet says Daphne won’t be able to attend because Augie still has a cough. But she tells the rest of her children they must embrace the theme of harmony. It may be enough to get the queen to forget all about the wedding. Eloise jumps up at the mention of the queen, opening a window to get some air. Violet asks if she’s sick and Eloise assures her she’ll still be at the ball. Eloise asks if there hasn’t been a Whistledown and Mrs. Wilson says there hasn’t. Penelope comes in and Eloise drags her out of the room.

In the privacy of her room, Eloise tells Penelope she’s going to confess. She can convince the queen and give her the ally she wants. Penelope thinks she’ll use Theo’s help, but Eloise is doing this for her family and never wants to speak of Theo again. If they have the queen’s support, everyone else will overlook their recent scandal. Penelope warns her not to do something rash, but Eloise is running out of time. Penelope says she won’t be able to keep up the lie. When Lady Whistledown publishes again, it’ll destroy the lie. Eloise doesn’t care what Lady Whistledown has to say anymore. At the very least, this will buy her more time to find Lady Whistledown and make her pay for her crimes. She thanks Penelope for being a loyal friend, no matter what. She hugs Penelope.

The staff prepares for the Bridgerton ball.

Kate and Edwina get dressed.

Anthony gets dressed.

Eloise packs her copies of the Whistledown pamphlets into a box.

Penelope writes her next issue.

Violet leads Anthony, Benedict, Colin, and Eloise down the stairs. When Lady Danbury and the Sharmas enter, Violet says she did not expect that no other guests would attend. A musician asks if she still wants them to play, but she says no, so he gestures to the violinists that they can stop. Benedict tries to leave as well, but Anthony tells him to stay for a dance. He wants everyone to dance. He calls up to Hyacinth to come dance with him and Gregory insists on coming as well. Lady Danbury invites Gregory to dance with her. Anthony calls for a lively country dance. They all join hands in a circle, then start to dance, laughing as they go. Anthony ends the dance with Kate. Edwina is enjoying the dance, but becomes visibly angry when she sees Kate and Anthony smiling and dancing. Hyacinth wants to do a quadrille next, but they’re not up for it. Colin suggests getting some food instead. Violet tells Lady Danbury she’s surprised the ton didn’t buy their story. Lady Danbury sees some maids reading a Whistledown and suggests asking them. Violet asks Mrs. Wilson if something is wrong and Mrs. Wilson shows her the pamphlet, which was just delivered. Eloise asks if it’s a Whistledown. Violet says yes and now they know why they’re the only ones there. The pamphlet reveals that Eloise has been associated unchaperoned with political radicals.

The queen is shocked to read it realizing that Eloise is not Whistledown.

Portia is smiling when she goes to see Jack. She says the Bridgertons are likely to be afflicted for some time. She tells Jack to seal the agreement with Colin.

Eloise reads the pamphlet as the others watch. When she finishes, she runs upstairs.

Penelope breaks her quill and burns it. She cries as she sits by the fire.

Kate asks Edwina if she wants to go home. Edwina says she doesn’t think Kate really cares what she wants. She tells Kate not to make her seem like the cruel one, because she knows she’s kinder than Kate.

Kate walks outside to sit in the gazebo alone. Anthony finds her and asks what she’s doing there alone. She tries to leave, but he tells her to stay. They argue over it and he asks if she can’t ever just agree. She’s always been obstinate and inflexible. Kate understands why that would trouble a man like him, one used to getting his way and giving orders. She will never listen to his orders. He says it’s because he’s never met anyone like her. It’s maddening because she consumes his being. His family is on the brink of ruin. They all despise him, including his own mother. But he can still only think about Kate. He hates that all he wants is to run away with her. He wants to act on his forbidden desires. He gets close to her and breathes in her scent. Her scent, lilies, is imprinted on his mind. They have to stop. She says he’s the one spinning her world off its axis, making her reconsider everything. Everything she has done in her life has been for her family, the same as Anthony. Anthony asks why they should not do something for themselves. Anthony asks her to go inside, then demands it. She says she won’t take his orders. After a moment, they both run towards each other and start kissing. After a few moments, he pulls away, saying he’ll stop. She tells him not to and they start kissing again. As they kiss, they undress each other. Half undressed, he slides down her body. She moans and grasps his hand as he works. Then he moves back up to her mouth. They have sex.

Anthony awakes naked, to water dropping on his face. He’s alone.

Kate returns to her room, overcome with emotion. She has flashes of the memories.

Anthony gets the engagement ring from his desk drawer.

Anthony arrives in a carriage, knocks on Lady Danbury’s door and insists on speaking to Kate.

As Anthony waits, he fidgets with the ring and checks his watch. He tells the Danbury footman he knows it’s early, but he wants them to tell Kate he’s there. The footman says that’s not possible because she’s not there. Kate’s maid says one of the horses is also missing.

Kate rides through the rain. Anthony rides as well, searching for her. When he spots her, he calls out to her, but she doesn’t hear him. He watches as her horse gets startled, causing him to rear back, dumping her on the ground, where she hits her head. Anthony calls her by her first name, riding over to her.