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You can’t spend your life going with what your parents want, or your friends, teachers, lovers, want. You have to be your own hero and just go with your gut.

My parents are incredibly protective over me, and sometimes I found it quite stifling.

I am incredibly privileged to be apart of a generation where young women from all over the world have more opportunity than ever before, where we are being less stereotyped and walls are being broken down slowly

If I surrender to all of that, where would I be going? No where! Fuck that. (On all the challenges with colourism, being type cast and being looked over because of the colour of your skin within the industry)

I really believe in myself and in other dark skinned women, especially South Asian women! We are smart, we are talented and we all have something special to offer as artists!

I have such a deep love for music. I listen to everything and anything!

Less force. Less judgement. Less ignorance. More respect. More love. More open hearts. (on her vision for the world)

For me, a perfect vacation would be exhausting myself playing in the sand, swimming, hiking, exploring, and then treating myself to an absolutely massive meal and some really nice wine with friends and good music

I was always Fearless; if I want something, I’ll go and get it. I’m like that with a lot of things in my life

Self-care, looking after your holistic self is so important. But I do think it’s about finding balance; you’ve got to live your life, too.

I always say the heart is like a house and if you clean all your dirty rooms, then you can invite people in.

This industry is supposed to be fun, so I also like to put my heels on and have a boogie.

I love singing. I love cooking. I’m quite sporty and very outdoorsy.

The perfect day for me would be just spending hours in the sunshine and going for a swim.

I’m still on that same journey, learning that balance between being serious and brave and headstrong and heartstrong, but also sharing space and relating to people and letting people in (on being on the same journey as Kate Sharma)

I’m so proud of my body, and I love my body. I’m grateful that it’s healthy and that it’s strong enough for me to get up every day and do the things that I need to do.

I grew up watching a lot of Disney classics, a lot of classical movies and a lot of musicals. I think we all just love to see humans overcome whatever it is in life that gets in the way of them following their heart.

I’m very proud of my heritage, and I’m proud that there are any effects that I’ve had, just me doing my job, especially if they’re positive, and uplifting other women and making them feel seen.

I love fashion. I love clothes. It’s a part of my job that I’m so privileged and grateful to be able to explore.